b'KitchensRemodelingKindergarten Kings and rulersGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Dewey: 352.23; 920; 929.7Dewey: 372.21 Scope Note: Use for materials on monarchs andBroader Term(s): Elementary education other heads of state notSchools democratically elected.Narrower Term(s):Creative activities Use For: Kings, queens, rulers, etc.;Montessori method of education Monarchs; Royal houses; Royalty;Related Term(s): Nursery schools Rulers; SovereignsPreschool education See Also: names of places with the subdivisionKindle (Electronic book reader) Kings and rulers, e.g. Great BritainDewey: 004.167Kings and rulers; and names ofBroader Term(s): Electronic book readers individual monarchs or rulers [to beadded as needed]Kinematics Broader Term(s): Heads of stateDewey: 531 Narrower Term(s):EmperorsBroader Term(s): Dynamics Great BritainKings and rulersNarrower Term(s):Mechanical movements Related Term(s): Courts and courtiersRelated Term(s): Mechanics MonarchyMotion QueensKinesiology Kings, queens, rulers, etc.Dewey: 613.7 Use: Kings and rulersUse For: Cinesiology KinshipBroader Term(s): Human locomotion Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyPhysical fitness Dewey: 306.83Kinetic art See Also: ethnic groups with the subdivisionGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Kinship [to be added as needed]Dewey: 709.04 Broader Term(s): EthnologyUse For: Art in motion; Art, Kinetic FamilyBroader Term(s): Art Related Term(s): ClansNarrower Term(s):Kinetic sculpture Kitchen gardensKinetic sculpture Use: Vegetable gardeningGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Kitchen remodelingDewey: 731; 735 Use: KitchensRemodelingUse For: Sculpture in motionBroader Term(s): Kinetic art Kitchen renovationSculpture Use: KitchensRemodelingNarrower Term(s):Mobiles (Sculpture)Kitchen utensilsKinetics Dewey: 643; 683Use: Dynamics Use For: Cooking utensils; HouseholdMotion utensils; Kitchenware; Utensils,King Award KitchenUse: Coretta Scott King Award See Also: types of kitchen utensils, e.g. Breadmachines [to be added as needed]King Philips War, 1675-1676 Broader Term(s): Household equipment andDewey: 973.2 suppliesUse For: United StatesHistoryNarrower Term(s):Bread machines1675-1676, King Philips War KitchensBroader Term(s): Native AmericansWars Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyUnited StatesHistoryDewey: 6431600-1775, Colonial period Broader Term(s): HousesKing Williams War, 1689-1697 RoomsUse: United StatesHistoryKitchensRemodeling1689-1697, King Williams War Dewey: 643551'