b'LaborScope Note: Use for materials on the Democratic LPeoples Republic of Korea,established in 1948. May be Labelingsubdivided like United States Use subjects with the subdivision Labeling, e.g. Foodexcept for History.Labeling [to be added as needed]Use For: Korea (Democratic PeoplesRepublic); North Korea LaborBroader Term(s): Korea Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyKorea (Republic) Dewey: 331Use: Korea (South) Scope Note: Use for materials on the collectivehuman activities involved in theKorea (South) production and distribution of goodsDewey: 951.95 and services in an economy,Scope Note: Use for materials on the Republic of especially activities performed byKorea, established in 1948. May be workers for wages as distinguishedsubdivided like United States from those performed byexcept for History. entrepreneurs for profits. Also useUse For: Korea (Republic); South Korea for general materials on workers.Broader Term(s): Korea Materials on laborers as a socialclass are entered under WorkingKorean War, 1950-1953 class. Materials on the physical orDewey: 951.904 mental exertion of individuals toKosher food produce or accomplish somethingGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically are entered under Work.Dewey: 296.7 Use For: Blue collar workers; FactoryRelated Term(s): JudaismDietary laws workers; Industrial workers; Laborand laboring classes; Laborers;Kristallnacht, 1938 Manual workers; WorkersDewey: 943.086 See Also: types of laborers, e.g. AgriculturalBroader Term(s): GermanyHistory1933-1945 laborers; Miners; etc. [to be addedJewsPersecutions as needed]Broader Term(s): EconomicsKu Klux Klan Social conditionsDewey: 322.4 SociologyUse For: Ku Klux Klan (1915- ); Ku Klux Narrower Term(s):Agricultural laborersKlan (19th century) Alien laborBroader Term(s): Secret societies ApprenticesRelated Term(s): Reconstruction (1865-1876) CapitalismKu Klux Klan (1915- ) Child laborUse: Ku Klux Klan Church and laborCollective bargainingKu Klux Klan (19th century) Contract laborUse: Ku Klux Klan EmployeesEmploymentKung fu Employment agenciesGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Forced laborDewey: 796.815 Hours of laborUse For: Kempo; Wing chun Household employeesBroader Term(s): Martial arts Industrial arbitrationKwanzaa Industrial relationsDewey: 394.2612 Industrial welfareBroader Term(s): Holidays Labor supplyLabor unionsKyrgyzstan Migrant laborDewey: 958.43 MinersOpen and closed shopPart-time employment553'