b'Language and languagesComparative philologyNarrower Term(s):Natural monuments ChildrenLanguageRelated Term(s): Landscape architecture Chinese languageRegional planning ConversationLandscape sculpture Danish languageEnglish languageUse: Earthworks (Art) French languageLandslides German languageGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically GrammarDewey: 551.3 Greek languageUse For: Land slides Hebrew languageBroader Term(s): Natural disasters Hindi languageIcelandic languageLanguage Indian languagesUse: Language and languages Japanese languageLanguage acquisitionLanguage acquisition Language and cultureDewey: 401 Latin languageUse For: Acquisition of language; Language Linguisticsand languagesAcquisition Modern Greek languageBroader Term(s): Language and languages Modern languagesLanguage and culture MultilingualismGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Native American languagesDewey: 306.44 Norwegian languageBroader Term(s): Culture Old Norse languageLanguage and languages PhoneticsProgramming languagesLanguage and languages RhetoricDewey: 400 Romance languagesScope Note: Use for general materials on the Russian languagehistory, philosophy, origin, etc., of Sanskrit languagelanguage. Materials on the scientific Scandinavian languagesstudy of speech and comparative Semanticsstudies of language are entered Sign languageunder Linguistics. SociolinguisticsUse For: Language; Languages; Philology Spanish languageSee Also: names of languages or groups of Spelling beeslanguages, e.g. English language; Swedish languageScandinavian languages; Native Translating and interpretingAmerican languages; etc.; Universal languagedisciplines, classes of persons, types Verbal learningof newspapers, and names of Vocabularyindividual persons, corporate bodies, Voiceand literary works entered under Writingtitle with the subdivison Language, Yiddish languagee.g. TechnologyLanguage; Related Term(s): SpeechChildrenLanguage; etc.; and Language and languagesAcquisitionnames countries, cities, etc., with the Use: Language acquisitionsubdivison Languages, for materialson the several languages spoken in a Language and languagesBusiness languageplace, e.g. United StatesUse names of languages with unique subdivisions, e.g.Languages [to be added as needed] English languageBusiness English; JapaneseBroader Term(s): Anthropology languageBusiness Japanese; etc. [to be added asCommunication needed]EthnologyNarrower Term(s):Arabic language Language and languagesComparative philologyBengali language Use: LinguisticsBilingualism559'