b'Sears List of Subject HeadingsLanguage and languagesEtymology on disorders of the physiologicalDewey: 412 mechanisms required for speech areUse For: Etymology; Word histories entered under Speech disorders.See Also: names of languages with the Use For: Dysphasiasubdivision Etymology, e.g. English Broader Term(s): Communicative disorderslanguageEtymology [to be Narrower Term(s):Aphasiaadded as needed]Language and languagesGovernment policy Language experience approach in educationUse: Language policy Use: Whole languageGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Language gamesUse For: National languages; Official Use: Literary recreationslanguagesLanguage laboratoriesLanguage and languagesPolitical aspects Dewey: 407Dewey: 400 Use For: Foreign language laboratoriesScope Note: Use for general materials on the Related Term(s): Modern languagesStudy andpolitical aspects of languages. teachingSee Also: names of countries, cities, etc., withthe subdivision Languages, e.g. Language of flowersUnited StatesLanguages; or Dewey: 302.2; 398.24with the two subdivisions Use For: Flower languageLanguagesPolitical aspects; and Broader Term(s): PlantsFolklorenames of individual languages and Language policygroups of languages with the Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallysubdivision Political aspects [to be Dewey: 306.44added as needed] Use For: Language and languages Language and society Government policyUse: Sociolinguistics Language policyCanadaLanguage arts Dewey: 354.7; 409.71Dewey: 372.6; 400 Scope Note: Use for materials on governmentScope Note: Use for materials on language and policy regarding Canadas twoliterature considered official languages, language rightscomprehensively as a school subject of Canadians, etc. Materials on theat the elementary level. use of Canadas two officialUse For: Communication arts languages are entered underBroader Term(s): Communication BilingualismCanada.Narrower Term(s):Creative writing Use For: Language rightsCanada;Literature LanguagesGovernment policyReadingCanada; Official languages Speech CanadaWhole language Broader Term(s): Civil rightsCanadaWriting Constitutional lawCanadaRelated Term(s): BilingualismCanadaLanguage arts (Holistic) CanadaEnglish-FrenchUse: Whole language relationsLanguage artsPatterning CanadaLanguagesDewey: 372.6 Language rightsCanadaUse For: Patterns (Language arts); Reading Use: Language policyCanada Patterning; WritingPatterningLanguage, InternationalLanguage disorders Use: Universal languageDewey: 616.85Scope Note: Use for materials on disorders of the Language, Universalcentral neurological functions Use: Universal languageaffecting the reception, processing,or expression of language. Materials560'