b'List of Subdivisions Provided for in the Sears ListThe following is a list of every subdivision for which there is a specific provision in the Sears List.This list is meant for handy reference only. For instructions on the use of a particular subdivision,see the entry for that subdivision in the main body of the alphabetical List. The following list is notexhaustive. It does not, for example, contain geographic or chronological subdivisions, whichshould be established by the cataloger as needed. Further topical and form subdivisions may also berequired in libraries that contain specialized material, and they too should be established as neededand used consistently.Accidents AutographsAccounting AuthorshipAccreditation AutomationAdaptations AwardsAdministration BattlefieldsAerial operations BehaviorAfrican American authors Biblical teachingAge BibliographyAging Bio-bibliographyAgriculture BiographyAir conditioning BishopsAlcohol use Black authorsAllusions BlockadesAlmanacs Book reviewsAlphabet Books and readingAmphibious operations BoundariesAnalysis BrakesAnatomy BreedingAnecdotes BuildingsAnniversaries CalendarsAntiquities CampaignsApologetic works CaptivitiesAppointment CareAppointments and retirements Cartoons and caricaturesAppropriations and expenditures Case studiesArchives CasualtiesArmed forces CatalogsArmistices CatechismsArmy Catholic ChurchArt and the war CausesArt collections CensorshipAssassination CensusAtlases Centennial celebrations, etc.Atrocities ChaplainsAttitudes CharactersAudiences CharitiesAudiovisual aids Charts, diagrams, etc.Auditing Chemical warfareA-61'