b'Sears List of Subject HeadingsLatin AmericaPolitics and government Latino literature (English)Dewey: 980 Use: American literatureLatinoBroader Term(s): Politics authorsLatin American art Latino literature (Spanish)Dewey: 709.8 Use: American literature (Spanish)Broader Term(s): Art Latinos (U.S.)Latin American literature Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyDewey: 860 Dewey: 305.868; 973Scope Note: Use for materials on the French, Scope Note: Use for materials on United StatesPortuguese, or Spanish literature of citizens of Latin American descent.several Latin American countries. Materials on citizens of LatinMay use same subdivisions and American countries are enterednames of literary forms as for under Latin Americans.English literature. Use For: Hispanic AmericansUse For: South American literature; Spanish See Also: names of groups of United StatesAmerican literature citizens from specific countries, e.g.See Also: names of individual Latin American Mexican Americans [to be addedliteratures [to be added as needed] as needed]Broader Term(s): Literature Broader Term(s): Ethnic groupsNarrower Term(s):Brazilian literature Narrower Term(s):Mexican AmericansMexican literatureLatitudeLatin Americans Dewey: 526; 527Geographic Note: May subdivide geographically Use For: Degrees of latitude and longitudeDewey: 920; 980 Broader Term(s): EarthScope Note: Use for materials on citizens of GeodesyLatin American countries. Materials Nautical astronomyon United States citizens of LatinAmerican descent are entered under Latter-day SaintsLatinos (U.S.). Use: Church of Jesus Christ ofLatter-day SaintsLatin language LatviaDewey: 470Scope Note: May be subdivided like English Dewey: 947.96language. LaughterUse For: Classical languages Dewey: 152.4Broader Term(s): Language and languages Broader Term(s): EmotionsRelated Term(s): Romance languagesLaunching of satellitesLatin literature Use: Artificial satellitesLaunchingDewey: 870Scope Note: May use same subdivisions and Laundrynames of literary forms as for Dewey: 648English literature. Use For: Ironing; WashingUse For: Roman literature Broader Term(s): CleaningBroader Term(s): Literature Home economicsRelated Term(s): Classical literature Household sanitationEarly Christian literature Laurendeau-Dunton CommissionLatino authors Use: Canada. Royal Commission onDewey: 810.9; 920 Bilingualism and BiculturalismSee Also: genres of American literature with Lawthe subdivision Latino authors [to Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallybe added as needed] Dewey: 340Broader Term(s): American authors Use For: Jurisprudence; Laws; StatutesNarrower Term(s):Mexican American authors See Also: names of particular legal systems,e.g. Islamic law; special branches of562'