b'Lawmakerslaw, e.g. Criminal law; subjects Related Term(s): LegislationCanadawith the subdivision Law and LawFictionlegislation, e.g. AutomobilesUse: Legal storiesLaw and legislation; and ethnicgroups and classes of persons with LawUnited Statesthe subdivision Legal status, laws, Dewey: 349.73etc., e.g. People with disabilitiesUse For: United StatesLawLegal status, laws, etc. [to be addedas needed] LawVocational guidanceBroader Term(s): Political science Dewey: 340.023Narrower Term(s):AbortionLaw and legislation Broader Term(s): ProfessionsAdministration of justice Vocational guidanceAdministrative law Law and legislationAutomobilesLaw and Use subjects with the subdivision Law and legislation,legislation e.g. AutomobilesLaw and legislation [to beChemical industryLaw and added as needed]legislationCommercial law Law enforcementCommon law Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyConstitutional law Dewey: 363.2Constitutions Broader Term(s): Administration of criminal justiceCorporation law Narrower Term(s):Criminal investigationCourts PoliceCriminal law Racial profiling in lawEcclesiastical law enforcementEnvironmental lawFoodLaw and legislation Law of nationsGun control Use: International lawImmigration law Law of natureIndustrial laws and legislation Use: Natural lawInternal revenue lawInternational law Law of supply and demandIslamic law Use: Supply and demandJusticeLaw reform Law of the seaLawyers Use: Maritime lawLibrariesLaw and legislation Law reformLitigation Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyMaritime law Dewey: 340Martial law Use For: Legal reformMedicineLaw and legislation Broader Term(s): LawMilitary lawNatural law Law schoolsPeople with disabilitiesLegal Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallystatus, laws, etc. Dewey: 340.071Power of attorney Broader Term(s): Colleges and universitiesRule of lawSafety regulations Law suitsSpace law Use: LitigationWater rights Law, ElectionRelated Term(s): Legislation Use: Election lawLawCanada Law, Rule ofDewey: 349.71 Use: Rule of lawUse For: CanadaLaws; Canada Legislation; Canadian law; LawsLawmakersCanada Use: Legislators563'