b'Sears List of Subject HeadingsLeft- and right-handedness Legal holidaysDewey: 152.3 Use: HolidaysUse For: Handedness; Right- and Legal medicineleft-handednessBroader Term(s): Psychophysiology Use: Medical jurisprudenceLegacies Legal novelsUse: Inheritance and succession Use: Legal storiesWills Legal professionLegal aid Use: LawyersGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Legal reformDewey: 362.5 Use: Law reformScope Note: Use for materials on legal servicesto the poor, usually provided under Legal representation of the poorthe sponsorship of local bar Use: Legal aidassociations or governmental units.Use For: Legal assistance to the poor; Legal Legal responsibilityrepresentation of the poor; Legal Use: Liability (Law)services for the poor Legal services for the poorBroader Term(s): Public welfare Use: Legal aidLegal assistance to the poor Legal status, laws, etc.Use: Legal aid Use ethnic groups and classes of persons with theLegal drama (Films) subdivision Legal status, laws, etc., e.g. People withDewey: 791.43 disabilitiesLegal status, laws, etc. [to be addedScope Note: Use for individual works, as needed]collections, or materials about Legal storiesmotion pictures dealing with trials Dewey: 808.3; 808.83or litigations. Scope Note: Use for individual works,Use For: Courtroom drama collections, or materials aboutBroader Term(s): Motion pictures fiction dealing with trials orLegal drama (Radio programs) litigations.Dewey: 791.44 Use For: LawFiction; LawyersFiction;Scope Note: Use for individual works, Legal fiction (Literature); Legalcollections, or materials about radio novels; TrialsFictionprograms dealing with trials or Broader Term(s): Fictionlitigations. Legal tenderUse For: Courtroom drama Use: MoneyBroader Term(s): Radio programsLegal drama (Television programs) Legalization of drugsDewey: 791.45 Use: Drug legalizationScope Note: Use for individual works, Legationscollections, or materials about Use: Diplomatic and consular servicetelevision programs dealing withtrials or litigations. Legendary charactersUse For: Courtroom drama Dewey: 398.22Broader Term(s): Television programs See Also: names of individual legendarycharacters, e.g. Bunyan, PaulLegal ethics (Legendary character) [to beGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically added as needed]Dewey: 174; 340 Broader Term(s): LegendsBroader Term(s): Professional ethics MythologyRelated Term(s): Lawyers Narrower Term(s):Anansi (Legendary character)Legal fiction (Literature) Argonauts (LegendaryUse: Legal stories characters)Cassandra (Legendary character)566'