b'Legislative bodiesCuchulain (Legendary character) Legends, JewishGuinevere (Legendary character) Use: Jewish legendsHelen of Troy (Legendary Legerdemaincharacter) Use: JugglingHercules (Legendary character) Magic tricksJason (Legendary character)Lancelot (Legendary character) Legibility of handwritingMedea (Greek mythology) Use: HandwritingMerlin (Legendary character) LegislationMorgan Le Fay (Legendary Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallycharacter) Dewey: 328Oedipus (Legendary character) Scope Note: Use for materials on the theory ofPegasus (Greek mythology) lawmaking and descriptions of theScheherazade (Legendary preparation and enactment of laws.character) Use For: LawsLegends See Also: subjects with the subdivision LawGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically and legislation [to be added asDewey: 398.2 needed]Scope Note: Use for individual works, Broader Term(s): Political sciencecollections, or materials about tales Narrower Term(s):AbortionLaw and legislationcoming down from the past, AutomobilesLaw andespecially those relating to actual legislationevents or persons. Collections of Chemical industryLaw andtales written between the eleventh legislationand fourteenth centuries and dealing FoodLaw and legislationwith the age of chivalry or the Gun controlsupernatural are entered under Industrial laws and legislationRomances. Legislative bodiesUse For: Folk tales; Stories; Tales; Traditions LibrariesLaw and legislationSee Also: relgious topics and names of MedicineLaw and legislationindividual persons or sacred works Parliamentary practicewith the subdivision Legends; e.g. Related Term(s): LawGrailLegends; legends of LegislationCanadaparticular ethnic or religious groups, Dewey: 328.71e.g. Jewish legends; and names of Use For: CanadaLaws; Canada individual legendarycharacters, e.g. Legislation; LawsCanadaBunyan, Paul (Legendary Related Term(s): LawCanadacharacter) [to be added as needed]Broader Term(s): Fiction Legislation, DirectLiterature Use: ReferendumNarrower Term(s):Celtic legendsChristian legends Legislative bodiesJewish legends Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyLegendary characters Dewey: 328.3Norse legends Scope Note: Use for materials on various lawTall tales making bodies consideredRelated Term(s): Fables collectively.Folklore Use For: Legislatures; ParliamentsMythology See Also: names of individual legislativeRomances bodies, e.g. United States.Congress [to be added as needed]LegendsCanada Broader Term(s): Constitutional lawDewey: 398.20971; 971 LegislationUse For: Canadian legends Representative government andLegendsUnited States representationDewey: 398.20973; 973 Narrower Term(s):Parliamentary practice567'