b'Library clerksLibraries and publishers Dewey: 727Geographic Note: May subdivide geographically Scope Note: Use for materials on the design ofDewey: 021 library buildings.Use For: Publishers and libraries Broader Term(s): ArchitectureBroader Term(s): Publishers and publishing LibrariesNarrower Term(s):Libraries and electronicpublishing Library assistantsLibraries and readers Use: Library techniciansUse: Library services Library automationLibraries and schools Use: LibrariesAutomationGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Library boardsDewey: 021 Use: Library trusteesUse For: Schools and librariesBroader Term(s): Libraries Library book fairsSchools Use: BooksExhibitionsNarrower Term(s):Library services to students Library catalogingRelated Term(s): Library services to children Use: CatalogingSchool librariesLibraries and state Library catalogsUse: LibrariesGovernment policy Dewey: 017; 025.3Use For: Catalogs; Catalogs, Library;Libraries and students LibrariesCatalogsUse: Library services to students See Also: types of library catalogs, e.g. Onlinecatalogs [to be added as needed]Libraries, Business Broader Term(s): LibrariesUse: Business libraries Narrower Term(s):Card catalogsLibraries, Corporate Classified catalogsUse: Corporate libraries Online catalogsSubject catalogsLibraries, Governmental Related Term(s): CatalogingUse: Government libraries Library circulationLibraries, GovernmentalCanada Dewey: 025.6Use: Government librariesCanada Use For: Book lending; Circulation of librarymaterials; Lending of libraryLibraries, Hospital materials; LibrariesCirculation,Use: Hospital libraries loansLibraries, Music Broader Term(s): Library servicesUse: Music libraries Narrower Term(s):Interlibrary loansLibraries, National Library classificationUse: National libraries Dewey: 025.4Scope Note: May be further subdivided by a typeLibraries, Presidential of literature or by the subject of theUse: PresidentsUnited Statesmaterials classified.Archives Use For: BooksClassification;ClassificationBooksLibraries, Regional Broader Term(s): CatalogingUse: Regional libraries ClassificationLibrary acquisitions Library technical processesUse: LibrariesAcquisitions Narrower Term(s):Dewey Decimal ClassificationRelated Term(s): Classified catalogsLibrary administration Library clerksUse: LibrariesAdministration Use: Library techniciansLibrary architectureGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically573'