b'Sears List of Subject HeadingsLibrary consortia Scope Note: Use for materials on networks thatUse: Library cooperation facilitate the sharing of informationLibrary cooperation resources among several libraries.Geographic Note: May subdivide geographically Use For: Library networks; Library systemsDewey: 021.6 Broader Term(s): Information networksUse For: Consortia, Library; LibrariesLibrary cooperationCooperation; Library consortia Library instructionBroader Term(s): Libraries Use: Bibliographic instructionNarrower Term(s):Interlibrary loansLibrary information networks Library lawsLibrary education Use: LibrariesLaw and legislationGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Library legislationDewey: 020.71 Use: LibrariesLaw and legislationScope Note: Use for materials on the educationof librarians. Materials on the Library materialsinstruction of readers in library use Use: Library resourcesare entered under Bibliographic Library networksinstruction. Use: Library information networksUse For: Education for librarianship;LibrariansEducation; Librarians Library of Congress Training; Library scienceDewey: 027.573Study and teaching Use For: United States. Library of CongressBroader Term(s): Education Broader Term(s): LibrariesProfessional educationNarrower Term(s):LibrariansIn-service training Library orientationLibrary schools Use: Bibliographic instructionLibrary educationAudiovisual aids Library policiesDewey: 020.71 Use: LibrariesAdministrationBroader Term(s): Audiovisual education Library processingAudiovisual materials Use: Library technical processesLibrary educationCurricula Library reference servicesDewey: 020.71 Use: Reference services (Libraries)Broader Term(s): EducationCurriculaLibrary equipment and supplies Library resourcesUse: LibrariesEquipment and Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallysupplies Dewey: 025Scope Note: Use for materials on the resourcesLibrary extension and collections available in librariesGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically for research not limited to a singleDewey: 021.6 subject or discipline.Broader Term(s): Library services Use For: Library materialsNarrower Term(s):Bookmobiles See Also: subjects, ethnic groups, classes ofpersons, corporate bodies, individualLibrary finance persons, literary authors, and namesGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically of countries, cities, etc., with theDewey: 025.1 subdivision Library resources, e.g.Use For: LibrariesFinance United StatesHistory Broader Term(s): Finance Library resources [to be added asLibrariesAdministration needed]Narrower Term(s):Government aid to libraries Broader Term(s): LibrariesRelated Term(s): Federal aid to libraries Narrower Term(s):Government publicationsLibrary information networks Library resourcesConservation and restorationGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Dewey: 025.8Dewey: 021.6574'