b'Sears List of Subject Headingssociety, including skills related to Lifelong educationeducation, employment, finance, etc. Use: Adult educationUse For: Basic life skills; Coping skills; Continuing educationFunctional competencies; LifesavingFundamental life skills; Life skills Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyguides; Living skills; Personal life Dewey: 363.1skills Use For: Life savingSee Also: groups and classes of persons with Broader Term(s): Rescue workthe subdivision Life skills guides, Related Term(s): First aide.g. ElderlyLife skills guides[to be added as needed] LifestylesBroader Term(s): Interpersonal relations Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallySuccess Dewey: 306Narrower Term(s):Conduct of life Use For: Life stylesOlder peopleLife skills guides See Also: types of lifestyles [to be added asSelf-help techniques needed]Self-improvement Broader Term(s): Human behaviorSocial skills Manners and customsStudy skills Narrower Term(s):Alternative lifestylesSurvival skills CountercultureRelated Term(s): Human behavior Unmarried couplesLife skills guides Lift-the-flap booksUse: Life skills Dewey: 099Scope Note: Use for individual works,Life span prolongation collections, or materials aboutUse: Longevity lift-the-flap books.Life styles Broader Term(s): Picture books for childrenUse: Lifestyles Toy and movable booksLife support systems (Medical environment) LiftsDewey: 362.1 Use: ElevatorsBroader Term(s): Hospitals Hoisting machineryTerminal care LightLife support systems (Space environment) Dewey: 535Dewey: 629.47 Broader Term(s): Electromagnetic wavesBroader Term(s): Ergonomics PhysicsSpace medicine Narrower Term(s):ColorNarrower Term(s):Apollo project LasersLunar bases LightingSpace suits LuminescenceRefractionLife support systems (Submarine environment) Related Term(s): OpticsDewey: 627 PhotometryBroader Term(s): Ergonomics RadiationSpectrum analysisLife, FutureUse: Future life LightTherapeutic useUse: PhototherapyLife-work balanceUse: Work-life balance Light and shadeUse: Shades and shadowsLifeguardsGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Light production in animalsDewey: 797.21 Use: BioluminescenceBroader Term(s): Water safety Light shipsUse: Lightships578'