b'Sears List of Subject HeadingsLinear system theory LiqueursUse: System analysis Use: LiquorsLinen Liquid fuelGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Use: Petroleum as fuelDewey: 677 LiquidsBroader Term(s): FabricsFibers Dewey: 532Related Term(s): Flax Broader Term(s): Fluid mechanicsPhysicsLinguistic science Narrower Term(s):HydraulicsUse: Linguistics HydrodynamicsLinguistics HydrostaticsGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Liquor industryDewey: 410 Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyScope Note: Use for materials on the scientific Dewey: 338.4study of speech and for comparative Broader Term(s): Beverage industrystudies of languages. General Narrower Term(s):Barsmaterials on the history, philosophy, Related Term(s): Liquorsorigin, etc., of languages are entered Liquor problemunder Language and languages.Use For: Comparative linguistics; Use: AlcoholismComparative philology; Language Drinking of alcoholic beveragesand languagesComparative Liquorsphilology; Linguistic science; Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyPhilology; Philology, Comparative Dewey: 641.2; 663Broader Term(s): Language and languages Use For: Cordials (Liquor); Drinks;Narrower Term(s):Grammar Intoxicants; Liqueurs; Liquors andSemantics liqueursSociolinguistics See Also: types of liquors and liqueurs [to beUniversal language added as needed]Linked data (Semantic web) Broader Term(s): Alcoholic beveragesDewey: 025.042 BeveragesRelated Term(s): Hyperlinks Narrower Term(s):WhiskeyRelated Term(s): BrewingLinoleum block printing DistillationDewey: 761 Liquor industryUse For: Block printing Liquors and liqueursBroader Term(s): PrintingPrints Use: LiquorsLinotype List booksDewey: 686.2 Use: Books of listsBroader Term(s): Printing ListeningType and type-founding Dewey: 153.6; 153.7Typesetting Broader Term(s): AttentionLip-reading Educational psychologyUse: Lipreading Related Term(s): HearingLipreading Listening devicesDewey: 418 Use: EavesdroppingUse For: Lip-reading ListsBroader Term(s): DeafMeans of communication Use: Books of listsLiquefaction of coal LiteracyUse: Coal liquefaction Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyDewey: 302.2; 379.2580'