b'LiteratureUse For: Illiteracy Literary prizesBroader Term(s): Education Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyNarrower Term(s):Computer literacy Dewey: 807.9Functional literacy Use For: Book awards; Book prizes; LiteraryInformation literacy awards; LiteraturePrizesMedia literacy See Also: names of awards, e.g. CaldecottTechnological literacy Medal [to be added as needed]Visual literacy Broader Term(s): AwardsNarrower Term(s):Caldecott MedalLiteracyCanada Coretta Scott King AwardDewey: 302.2; 379.2 Edgar Allan Poe AwardsUse For: CanadaLiteracy Hugo AwardLiteratureCompetitionsLiteracy, Visual Nebula AwardUse: Visual literacy Newbery MedalLiterary awards Literary prizesCanadaUse: Literary prizes Dewey: 807.9; 810; 840Literary characters See Also: names of awards [to be added asUse: Characters and characteristics in needed]literature Broader Term(s): AwardsCanadaNarrower Term(s):Amelia Frances Howard-GibbonLiterary collections MedalUse: Anthologies Governor Generals LiteraryLiteratureCollections AwardsLiterary criticism Literary propertyUse: Criticism Use: CopyrightLiteratureHistory and Intellectual propertycriticism Literary recreationsLiterary forgeries Dewey: 793.73Geographic Note: May subdivide geographically Use For: Language games; Recreations,Dewey: 098 LiteraryUse For: Frauds, Literary Broader Term(s): AmusementsBroader Term(s): Counterfeits and counterfeiting Narrower Term(s):CharadesForgery PalindromesPlot-your-own storiesLiterary journalism RebusesUse: Creative nonfiction RiddlesLiterary landmarks Word gamesGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Literary styleDewey: 809 Dewey: 800Use For: AuthorsHomes and haunts; Use For: Style, LiteraryLandmarks, Literary Broader Term(s): LiteratureBroader Term(s): Historic buildings Narrower Term(s):Letter writingLiteratureHistory and Related Term(s): Criticismcriticism RhetoricNarrower Term(s):English authorsHomesLiterary themesLiterary landmarksCanada Use: LiteratureThemesDewey: 810.9See Also: names of sites [to be added as Literatureneeded] Dewey: 800Scope Note: Literatures are described byLiterary landmarksUnited States countries or geographic regions. InDewey: 810.9 countries or regions with more thanone major language the literature581'