b'Sears List of Subject Headingsmay be further qualified by the Criticismlanguage in parentheses, e.g. Danish literatureCanadian literature (French). Dialect literatureThere is no distinction made in Diariessubject headings between literary Dramaworks in their original languages Early Christian literatureand in translations. English literatureUse For: Belles lettres; Modern literature Epic literatureSee Also: literatures of countries or of regions Erotic literaturelarger than a single country, e.g. EssayEnglish literature; French Experimental literatureliterature; Scandinavian Fablesliterature; etc.; national or regional Fictionliteratures qualified if needed by the Folk literaturelanguage in whichthe literature was French literatureoriginally written or subdivided by a Gay mens writingssub-set of authors within the German literatureliterature, e.g. African literature Gothic revival (Literature)(English); American literatureGreek literatureAfrican American authors; etc.; Hebrew literatureliteratures of particular religions, Humanisme.g. Christian literature; literatures Icelandic literatureof languages not identified with a Indian literatureparticular country, e.g. Latin Irish literatureliterature; and subjects, themes, and Jewish literaturestylistic features in literature, e.g. JournalismBible in literature; Children in LGBT literatureliterature; Characters and Latin American literaturecharacteristics in literature; Latin literatureSymbolism in literature; etc. [to be Legendsadded as needed] Lesbians writingsBroader Term(s): Humanities Literary styleLanguage arts Medieval literatureNarrower Term(s):Abridgments Mexican literatureAfrican literature Mock-heroic literatureAfrican literature (English) Modern Greek literatureAmerican literature Modernism in literatureArabic literature Multicultural literatureAuthorship Music and literatureBallads Native American literatureBible in literature Norwegian literatureBiography as a literary form Old Norse literatureBlack humor (Literature) ParodyBrazilian literature Picaresque literatureCampaign literature PoetryCanadian literature Portuguese literatureCatholic literature Realism in literatureChapbooks Religion in literatureCharacters and characteristics in Religious literatureliterature Romance language literatureChildrens literature RomancesChinese literature Russian literatureClassical literature SagasClassicism SatireCommunism and literature Scandinavian literatureComparative literature Short storyCreative nonfiction Spanish literature582'