b'LiteratureThemesSpeeches Books and readingStories, plots, etc. CriticismSwedish literature LiteratureHistory andSymbolism in literature criticismTeenagers writings LiteratureFilm and video adaptationsWest Indian literature (French)Wit and humor Use: Film adaptationsWorld War, 1939-1945Television adaptationsLiterature and the war LiteratureHistory and criticismYoung adult literature Dewey: 809Related Term(s): Books Scope Note: Use for materials that are themselvesLiteratureBio-bibliography histories or criticisms of literature inDewey: 809 general. Materials on the history,Related Term(s): Authors principles, methods, etc., of literarycriticism are entered underLiteratureCollections Criticism.Dewey: 808.8 Use For: Appraisal of books; Books Scope Note: Use for collections of literary works Appraisal; Evaluation of literature;by several authors not limited to a Literary criticism; Literature single literature or literary form or Criticism; LiteratureEvaluationfocused on a single subject. Narrower Term(s):Literary landmarksUse For: Collected works; Collections ofliterature; Literary collections; LiteratureIndexesLiteratureSelections Dewey: 016.8See Also: form headings for minor literary LiteratureOutlines, syllabi, etc.forms that represent collections of Dewey: 802works of several authors, e.g. Narrower Term(s):English literatureOutlines,Essays; American essays; syllabi, etc.Parodies; Short stories; etc.; majorliterary forms and national LiteraturePrizesliteratures with the subdivision Use: Literary prizesCollections, e.g. PoetryLiteratureSelectionsCollections; English literatureUse: LiteratureCollectionsCollections; etc.; and subjects withthe subdivision Literary collections, LiteratureStage adaptationsfor collections focused on a single Use: Stage adaptationssubject by two or more authorsinvolving two or more literary LiteratureStories, plots, etc.forms, e.g. CatsLiterary Use: Stories, plots, etc.Collectionscollections [to be added as needed] LiteratureThemesLiteratureCompetitions Dewey: 809Dewey: 807.9 Use For: Literary themes; Themes inBroader Term(s): Contests literatureLiterary prizes See Also: subjects, racial and ethnic groups,and classes of persons in literature,LiteratureCriticism e.g. Dogs in literature; Women inUse: LiteratureHistory and literature; etc., and names ofcriticism persons, families, and corporateLiteratureDictionaries bodies with the subdivision InDewey: 803 literature, e.g. Napoleon I,Broader Term(s): Encyclopedias and dictionaries Emperor of the French, 1769-1821Narrower Term(s):English literatureDictionariesIn literature, [to be added asneeded]LiteratureEvaluation Narrower Term(s):African Americans in literatureUse: Best books Animals in literatureBook reviewing Blacks in literature583'