b'Sears List of Subject HeadingsNarrower Term(s):Aging Lost childrenRelated Term(s): Middle age Use: Missing childrenOld age Lost continentsLongitude Dewey: 001.94; 398.23Dewey: 526; 527 Broader Term(s): ContinentsUse For: Degrees of latitude and longitude Geographical mythsBroader Term(s): Earth Narrower Term(s):Atlantis (Legendary place)Geodesy Lost possessionsNautical astronomy Use: Lost and found possessionsLooking glasses Lost thingsUse: Mirrors Use: Lost and found possessionsLooms Lost tribes of IsraelDewey: 677; 746.1 Dewey: 909Related Term(s): Weaving Use For: Israel, Ten lost tribes of; Jews Loran Lost tribes; Ten lost tribes of IsraelDewey: 621.384 Broader Term(s): JewsBroader Term(s): Navigation LotteriesLords Day Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyUse: Sabbath Dewey: 336.1Broader Term(s): GamblingLords prayer Louisiana PurchaseDewey: 226.9; 242 Dewey: 973.4; 976.3Lords Supper Broader Term(s): United StatesHistory Use: Eucharist 1783-1815Losing things LoveUse: Lost and found possessions Dewey: 152.4; 177; 306.7Use For: AffectionLoss (Psychology) Broader Term(s): EmotionsDewey: 155.9 Human behaviorBroader Term(s): Psychology Narrower Term(s):CourtshipNarrower Term(s):Separation (Psychology) CrushesLost and found possessions Intimacy (Psychology)Dewey: 330.1 Related Term(s): FriendshipUse For: Finding things; Losing things; Lost Love (Theology)possessions; Lost things Use: LoveReligious aspectsBroader Term(s): PropertyLoveReligious aspectsLost architectural heritage Dewey: 202; 231Use: Lost architecture Use For: Love (Theology)Lost architecture Related Term(s): CharityGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Love Canal Chemical Waste Landfill (NiagaraDewey: 720 Falls, N.Y.)Scope Note: Use for materials on buildings and Dewey: 363.72structures that have been destroyed Broader Term(s): Hazardous waste sitesor demolished. LandfillsUse For: Lost architectural heritage; Lostbuildings Love poetryBroader Term(s): Architecture Dewey: 808.1; 808.81Lost buildings Scope Note: Use for individual works,Use: Lost architecture collections, or materials about lovepoetry.Broader Term(s): Poetry588'