b'LuminescenceRelated Term(s): Erotic poetry VirtueLove stories Narrower Term(s):PatriotismUse: Romance fiction Loyalty oathsLow income housing Use: Internal securityUse: Public housing LSD (Drug)Low temperature biology Dewey: 615Use For: Acid (Drug); Lysergic acidUse: Cryobiology diethylamideLow temperatures Broader Term(s): HallucinogensDewey: 536; 621.5 Lubrication and lubricantsUse For: Cryogenics Dewey: 621.8Broader Term(s): Temperature Use For: GreaseNarrower Term(s):Cryobiology Broader Term(s): MachineryRelated Term(s): Cold Related Term(s): Bearings (Machinery)Refrigeration Oils and fatsLow water use plants Lucumi (Religion)Use: Drought-tolerant plants Use: SanteriaLow-calorie diet LuggageDewey: 613.2 Dewey: 685Broader Term(s): Diet Use For: BaggageRelated Term(s): Weight loss Broader Term(s): ContainersLow-carbohydrate diet LullabiesDewey: 613.2 Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyBroader Term(s): Diet Dewey: 781.5Related Term(s): Carbohydrates Scope Note: Use for individual works,Low-cholesterol diet collections, or materials aboutDewey: 613.2 lullabies.Broader Term(s): Diet Use For: Cradle songsRelated Term(s): Cholesterol Broader Term(s): BedtimeChildrens poetryLow-fat diet Childrens songsDewey: 613.2 SongsBroader Term(s): Diet Lumber and lumberingRelated Term(s): Oils and fatsGeographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyLow-sodium diet Dewey: 634.9; 674Use: Salt-free diet Scope Note: Use for general materials on lumberand the preparation of lumber.Lower Canada Materials on the felling of trees andUse: Quebec (Province) the transportation of logs toLower Fort Garry (Man.) sawmills are entered under Logging.Dewey: 971.27 Use For: Timber; WoodsBroader Term(s): FortificationCanada Broader Term(s): Forest productsForests and forestryLoyalists, American TreesUse: American Loyalists WoodLoyalists, United Empire LuminescenceUse: United Empire loyalists Dewey: 535Loyalty Broader Term(s): LightRadiationDewey: 172 Narrower Term(s):BioluminescenceUse For: Faithfulness PhosphorescenceBroader Term(s): Ethics589'