b'Sears List of Subject HeadingsLuminescent books MenusUse: Glow-in-the-dark books Narrower Term(s):PicnicsLuminous books Related Term(s): EntertainingUse: Glow-in-the-dark books LunchroomsLunar bases Use: RestaurantsDewey: 629.45 Lung cancerUse For: Moon bases Dewey: 616.99Broader Term(s): Civil engineering Use For: LungsCancerLife support systems (Space Broader Term(s): Cancerenvironment) LungsDiseasesLunar eclipses LungsDewey: 523.3 Dewey: 611; 612.2Use For: Eclipses, Lunar; MoonEclipses Broader Term(s): Respiratory systemBroader Term(s): AstronomyLunar expeditions LungsCancerUse: Space flight to the moon Use: Lung cancerLunar exploration LungsDiseasesUse: MoonExploration Dewey: 616.2See Also: types of lung diseases [to be addedLunar geology as needed]Dewey: 559.9 Broader Term(s): DiseasesUse For: GeologyMoon; Geology, Lunar; Narrower Term(s):AsthmaMoonGeology Lung cancerBroader Term(s): Astrogeology PneumoniaNarrower Term(s):Lunar soil TuberculosisMoon rocks Lupus erythematosusLunar petrology Dewey: 616.7Use: Moon rocks Broader Term(s): Autoimmune diseasesLunar probes LyingDewey: 629.43 Use: Truthfulness and falsehoodUse For: Moon probes Lyme diseaseSee Also: names of specific lunar probe Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyprojects [to be added as needed] Dewey: 616.9Broader Term(s): Space probes Broader Term(s): DiseasesNarrower Term(s):Project RangerLunar rocks Lymphatic systemUse: Moon rocks Dewey: 573.1; 612.4; 616.4Broader Term(s): PhysiologyLunar soil LynchingDewey: 523.3; 631.4 Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyUse For: Moon soil; Soils, Lunar Dewey: 364.1Broader Term(s): Lunar geology Broader Term(s): CrimeRelated Term(s): MoonSurface Related Term(s): VigilantesLunar surface LyricistsUse: MoonSurface Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyLunar surface radio communication Dewey: 920Use: Radio in astronautics Use For: SongwritersBroader Term(s): PoetsLuncheonsDewey: 642 LyricsUse For: Meals Use: Popular song lyricsBroader Term(s): Cooking590'