b'MachineryDrawingLysergic acid diethylamide Machine shopsUse: LSD (Drug) Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyDewey: 670.42Related Term(s): Machine shop practiceM Machine toolsGeographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyMachine design Dewey: 621.9Geographic Note: May subdivide geographically See Also: types of machine tools [to be addedDewey: 621.8 as needed]Use For: MachineryConstruction; Broader Term(s): MachineryMachineryDesign and Toolsconstruction Narrower Term(s):Planing machinesSee Also: types of machines, equipment, etc., Related Term(s): Drilling and boring (Metal, wood,with the subdivision Design and etc.)construction, e.g. AirplanesGrinding and polishingDesign and construction [to be Manufacturing processesadded as needed] MachineryBroader Term(s): Design Dewey: 621.8Machinery Use For: MachinesNarrower Term(s):MachineryModels Broader Term(s): ManufacturesRelated Term(s): Ergonomics Mechanical engineeringMachine intelligence Power (Mechanics)Use: Artificial intelligence TechnologyToolsMachine language Narrower Term(s):Agricultural machineryUse: Programming languages Bearings (Machinery)Machine readable bibliographic data Belts and beltingDewey: 025.3 Construction equipmentUse For: Bibliographic data in machine Conveying machineryreadable form; Cataloging data in Electric machinerymachine readable form EnginesSee Also: names of projects, formats, and Gearingsystems, e.g. MARC formats [to be Hoisting machineryadded as needed] Hydraulic machineryBroader Term(s): Cataloging Industrial equipmentInformation services Lubrication and lubricantsInformation systems Machine designLibrariesAutomation Machine toolsNarrower Term(s):MARC formats Mechanical drawingMetalworking machineryMachine readable catalog system RobotsUse: MARC formats Simple machinesWoodworking machineryMachine readable dictionaries Related Term(s): MechanicsDewey: 413 MillsUse For: Dictionaries, Machine readable Power transmissionBroader Term(s): Encyclopedias and dictionariesMachineryConstructionMachine shop practice Use: Machine designDewey: 670.42Use For: Shop practice MachineryDesign and constructionNarrower Term(s):Drilling and boring (Metal, wood, Use: Machine designetc.) MachineryDrawingGrinding and polishing Use: Mechanical drawingRelated Term(s): Machine shops591'