b'Sears List of Subject HeadingsMachineryModels MagazinesDewey: 621.8 Use: PeriodicalsUse For: Mechanical models; Models, MaghrebMechanicalBroader Term(s): Machine design Use: North AfricaModels and modelmaking MagicMachinery in industry Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyUse: Industrial equipment Dewey: 133.4Machinery in the workplace Scope Note: Use for materials on charms, spells,etc., believed to have supernaturalMachinery in the workplace power. Materials on types ofGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically entertainment involving illusionisticDewey: 338 tricks are entered under MagicScope Note: Use for materials on the social and tricks.economic aspects of mechanization Use For: Black art (Magic); Black magicin the area of work. (Witchcraft); Necromancy; Sorcery;Use For: Machinery in industry; Technology Spellsin the workplace Broader Term(s): OccultismBroader Term(s): Work environment Related Term(s): Hallucinations and illusionsNarrower Term(s):Automation Magic tricksMachines WitchcraftUse: Machinery Magic lanternsMachines, Simple Use: ProjectorsUse: Simple machines Magic realism (Literature)Machu Picchu (Peru) Dewey: 809.3Dewey: 985 Scope Note: Use for individual works,Broader Term(s): Sacred sites collections, or materials about worksof fiction that includes fantasticMacintosh (Computer) elements in a narrative thatDewey: 004.165 maintains a reliable and objectiveUse For: Apple Macintosh (Computer) tone.Broader Term(s): Computers Use For: Magical realism (Literature);Magical realist fictionMackenzie Rebellion, 1837-1838 Broader Term(s): Fantasy fictionUse: CanadaHistory1837-1838, SurrealismRebellion Related Term(s): Realism in literatureMackenzie Valley Pipeline (N.W.T.) Magic tricksDewey: 338.2 Dewey: 793.8Broader Term(s): PipelinesCanada Use For: Conjuring; Legerdemain;Macroeconomics Prestidigitation; Sleight of handBroader Term(s): AmusementsDewey: 339 TricksBroader Term(s): Economics Narrower Term(s):Card tricksMadagascar Related Term(s): Hallucinations and illusionsDewey: 969.1 MagicMade-for-TV movies Magical realism (Literature)Use: Television movies Use: Magic realism (Literature)Madonna Magical realist fictionUse: Mary (Blessed Virgin, Saint) Use: Magic realism (Literature)Magazine editing Magna CartaUse: JournalismEditing Dewey: 342; 942.03Broader Term(s): Charters592'