b'ManagementBroader Term(s): Animals Man, PrehistoricNarrower Term(s):Badgers Use: Fossil hominidsBats Prehistoric peoplesBears Man, PrimitiveBeavers Use: Primitive societiesBisonCamels Man-woman relationshipCats Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyCattle Dewey: 306.7Chipmunks Use For: Female-male relationship;Deer Male-female relationship; Men Dogs Relations with women; Men-womenElephants relationship; Relationships,Fossil mammals Man-woman; Woman-manHorses relationship; WomenRelationsMarine mammals with men; Women-men relationshipMarsupials Broader Term(s): Interpersonal relationsMice Related Term(s): Dating (Social customs)Pigs ManagementPrimates Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyRabbits Dewey: 658Reindeer Scope Note: Use for materials on the theory ofSeals (Animals) management and on the applicationSheep of management principles toSquirrels business and industry.Whales Use For: Administration; BusinessWild cats administration; BusinessMammals, Fossil management; IndustrialUse: Fossil mammals management; Industrialorganization; Management science;Mammoths Organization and management;Dewey: 569 Scientific managementBroader Term(s): Fossil mammals See Also: types of management, e.g. OfficeMan management; types of businessesUse: Human beings and industries, types of industrialplants and processes, and names ofMan (Theology) individual corporate bodies, with theUse: Human beings (Theology) subdivision Management, e.g.Information systems ManAntiquity Management; and types ofUse: Human origins institutions in the spheres of health,ManInfluence of environment education, and social services, andUse: Environmental influence on names of individual institutions withhumans the subdivision Administration, e.g.LibrariesAdministration;ManInfluence on nature SchoolsAdministration; etc. [toUse: Human influence on nature be added as needed]ManOrigin Broader Term(s): BusinessIndustriesUse: Human origins Narrower Term(s):Conflict managementMan in space Crisis managementUse: Space flight Factory managementFarm managementMan power Industrial efficiencyUse: Manpower Industrial relationsIndustrial welfare595'