b'Manners and customsManitobaPublic works Manned space flightUse: Public worksManitoba Use: Space flightManitobaRace relations Manned undersea research stationsDewey: 305.809971; 971.27 Use: Undersea research stationsManitobaRegisters Mannequins (Fashion models)Dewey: 917.127002 Use: Fashion modelsScope Note: Use for lists of names without Mannersaddresses. Lists of names withaddresses are entered under Use: CourtesyManitobaDirectories EtiquetteRelated Term(s): ManitobaDirectories Manners and customsManitobaReligion Dewey: 390Dewey: 277.127 Use For: Ceremonies; Customs, Social;Related Term(s): ManitobaChurch history Folkways; Social customs; Sociallife and customs; TraditionsManitobaReligious history See Also: ethnic groups and names ofUse: ManitobaChurch history countries, cities, etc., with thesubdivision Social life and customsManitobaRural conditions [to be added as needed]Dewey: 307.720971 Broader Term(s): CivilizationManitobaSocial conditions EthnologyDewey: 971.27 Narrower Term(s):African AmericansSocial lifeand customsManitobaSocial conditionsHistory AnniversariesDewey: 971.27 BlacksSocial life and customsBohemianismManitobaSocial life and customs CasteDewey: 971.27 Chicago (Ill.)Social life andManitobaSocial life and customsHistory customsDewey: 971.27 ChivalryClothing and dressManitobaSocial policy CostumeUse: Social policyManitoba Country lifeCourts and courtiersManitobaStatistics Dating (Social customs)Dewey: 317.127 DuelingManitobaTravel ExcusesUse: ManitobaDescription and Fadstravel Family traditionsFestivalsManitoba in art FolkloreDewey: 704.9 Funeral rites and ceremoniesBroader Term(s): Canada in art GiftsHolidaysManitoba in literature HuggingDewey: 810.9; 840.9 JewsSocial life and customsBroader Term(s): Canada in literature LifestylesManitoba. Legislative Assembly Marriage customs and ritesDewey: 328.7127 Native AmericansSocial lifeand customsManitobans OhioSocial life and customsGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Seafaring lifeDewey: 305.811; 971.27 TabooBroader Term(s): Canadians TattooingRelated Term(s): Manitoba Travel599'