b'MARC formatsCanadaRelated Term(s): Machine tools Map drawing. Geographical atlasesMaterials of world coverage are entered underManures Atlases.Use: Fertilizers Use For: Cartography; Chartography; PlansSee Also: types of maps, e.g. Road maps;Manuscripts subjects with the subdivision Maps,Geographic Note: May subdivide geographically e.g. GeologyMaps; and namesDewey: 091 of countries, cities, etc., and namesSee Also: subjects, literatures, groups of of wars with the subdivision Mapsauthors, individual literary authors, [to be added as needed]literary works entered under title, Broader Term(s): Geographyand sacred works with the Narrower Term(s):Atlasessubdivision Manuscripts [to be Automobile travelGuidebooksadded as needed] Chicago (Ill.)MapsBroader Term(s): Archives GeologyMapsBibliography GlobesBooks MoonMapsNarrower Term(s):Illumination of books and Nautical chartsmanuscripts OhioMapsRelated Term(s): Autographs Road mapsCharters United StatesMapsWorld War, 1939-1945MapsManuscripts, Illuminated Related Term(s): Charts, diagrams, etc.Use: Illumination of books andmanuscripts Maps, HistoricalUse: Historical atlasesMaorisGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Maps, MilitaryDewey: 305.89 Use: Military geographyBroader Term(s): Indigenous peoples Marathon runningMap drawing Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyDewey: 526 Dewey: 796.42Use For: Cartography; Plans Use For: Long distance runningBroader Term(s): Drawing Broader Term(s): RunningRelated Term(s): Topographical drawing Marathon swimmingMaple leaf (Emblem) Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyDewey: 929.9 Dewey: 797.2Broader Term(s): National emblemsCanada Use For: Long distance swimmingBroader Term(s): SwimmingMaple sugarGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically MarbleDewey: 641.3; 664 Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyBroader Term(s): Sugar Dewey: 552; 553.5Related Term(s): CookingMaple sugar and Broader Term(s): Rockssyrup StoneMaple syrup MARC formatsDewey: 641.3; 664 Dewey: 025.3Related Term(s): CookingMaple sugar and Use For: MARC system; Machine readablesyrup catalog systemBroader Term(s): Bibliographic controlMaps Machine readable bibliographicDewey: 912 dataScope Note: Use for general materials aboutmaps and their history. Materials on MARC formatsCanadathe methods of map making and the Dewey: 025.3mapping of areas are entered under601'