b'Mechanical engineeringMeals on wheels programs Meat inspectionGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyDewey: 362 Dewey: 363.19Scope Note: Use for materials on programs that Use For: Inspection of meatdeliver meals to the homebound. Broader Term(s): Food adulteration and inspectionUse For: Home delivered meals programs Meat industryBroader Term(s): Food relief Public healthMeanness Meat packing industryUse: Bad behavior Use: Meat industryMeasurement Meat-eating animalsDewey: 389; 530.8 Use: Carnivorous animalsUse For: Metrology MechaSee Also: subjects with the subdivisionMeasurement, e.g. Air pollutionDewey: 741.5Measurement [to be added as Scope Note: Use for individual works,needed] collections, or materials aboutBroader Term(s): Mathematics mecha.Narrower Term(s):Air pollutionMeasurement Use For: Robot mangaGeodesy Broader Term(s): MangaMeasuring instruments Narrower Term(s):Fictional robotsPhotometry GundamSurveying Neon Genesis EvangelionVolume (Cubic content) Mechanic artsRelated Term(s): Weights and measures Use: Industrial artsMeasurements, Electric Mechanical brainsUse: Electric measurements Use: CyberneticsMeasures Mechanical drawingUse: Weights and measures Dewey: 604.2Measuring instruments Use For: Drafting, Mechanical; EngineeringDewey: 389; 681 drawing; Industrial drawing;Use For: Instruments, Measuring MachineryDrawing;Broader Term(s): Measurement Mathematical drawing; Plans;Weights and measures Structural draftingBroader Term(s): DrawingMeat EngineeringGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically MachineryDewey: 641.3; 664 PatternmakingSee Also: types of meat [to be added as Narrower Term(s):Blueprintsneeded] Graphic methodsBroader Term(s): Food LetteringNarrower Term(s):Beef Related Term(s): Geometrical drawingCarving (Meat, etc.) Mechanical engineeringCookingMeat Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyMeat industry Dewey: 621Geographic Note: May subdivide geographically Scope Note: Use for materials on the applicationDewey: 338.1 of the principles of mechanics to theUse For: Meat industry and trade; Meat design, construction, and operationpacking industry; Packing industry of machinery. Materials on theBroader Term(s): Food industry application of the principles ofNarrower Term(s):Meat inspection mechanics to engineering structuresStockyards other than machinery are enteredunder Applied mechanics.Meat industry and trade Broader Term(s): Civil engineeringUse: Meat industry Narrower Term(s):Electrical engineering611'