b'Sears List of Subject HeadingsMachinery MachineryMarine engineering MotionMechanical movements Mechanics (Persons)Power (Mechanics)Power transmission Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyRelated Term(s): Steam engineering Dewey: 920Mechanical handling Mechanics, AppliedUse: Materials handling Use: Applied mechanicsMechanical models Mechanisms (Machinery)Use: MachineryModels Use: Mechanical movementsMechanical movements MedallionsDewey: 531 Use: MedalsUse For: Mechanisms (Machinery) MedalsBroader Term(s): Kinematics Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyMechanical engineering Dewey: 355.1; 737Mechanics Use For: Badges of honor; MedallionsMotion See Also: names of military services and otherNarrower Term(s):Robots appropriate subjects with theSimple machines subdivision Medals, badges,Related Term(s): Gearing decorations, etc. [to be added asMechanical musical instruments needed]Dewey: 786.6 Narrower Term(s):United States. ArmyMedals,Use For: Musical instruments, Mechanical badges, decorations, etc.See Also: types of instruments, e.g. Music United States. NavyMedals,boxes [to be added as needed] badges, decorations, etc.Broader Term(s): Musical instruments Related Term(s): Decorations of honorNarrower Term(s):Music boxes InsigniaNumismaticsMechanical properties testing Medals, badges, decorations, etc.Use: Testing Use types of armed forces with the subdivision Medals,Mechanical speech recognition badges, decorations, etc., e.g. United States. ArmyUse: Automatic speech recognitionMedals, badges, decorations, etc. [to be addedMechanics as needed]Dewey: 530; 531 Medea (Greek mythology)Broader Term(s): Physics Dewey: 398.22Narrower Term(s):Applied mechanics Broader Term(s): Legendary charactersDynamics MediaFluid mechanicsHydraulics Use: Mass mediaHydrodynamics Media centers (Education)Hydrostatics Use: Instructional materials centersMechanical movementsPower (Mechanics) Media coverageSimple machines Use topics with the subdivision Press coverage, e.g.Soil mechanics Food contaminationPress coverage [to beStatics added as needed]Strains and stressesStrength of materials Media literacyVibration Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyViscosity Dewey: 302.23Wave mechanics Scope Note: Use for materials on a personsRelated Term(s): Force and energy knowledge of and ability to use,Kinematics interpret, and evaluate the massmedia.612'