b'Medical centersUse For: Mass media literacy Health facilitiesBroader Term(s): Literacy Health self-careMediation Home care servicesLong-term care facilitiesUse: Arbitration and award Medical charitiesMediation, Divorce Mental health servicesUse: Divorce mediation Native AmericansMedical careOccupational health servicesMediation, Industrial Older peopleMedical careUse: Industrial arbitration PoorMedical careSports medicineMediation, International Terminal careUse: International arbitration United StatesHistory Medicaid 1861-1865, Civil War Geographic Note: May subdivide geographically Medical careDewey: 362.10973; 368.4 World War, 1939-1945 Use For: Medical care for the poor Medical careBroader Term(s): National health insurance Related Term(s): Health care reformPoorMedical care MedicineState medicine Medical careAccessRelated Term(s): Medicare Use: Access to health careMedical appointments and schedules Medical careCostsUse: Medical practice Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyMedical botany Dewey: 362.1Dewey: 581.6 Use For: Cost of medical care; MedicalUse For: Botany, Medical; Drug plants; service, Cost of; MedicineCostHerbal medicine; Medicinal herbs; of medical careMedicinal plants; Plants, Medicinal Broader Term(s): Medical economicsBroader Term(s): Botany Medical careEthical aspectsMedicine Use: Medical ethicsPharmacyMedical careGovernment policyMedical care Use: Medical policyGeographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyDewey: 362.1 Medical careSocial aspectsScope Note: Use for materials on the Use: Social medicineorganization of services and Medical care facilitiesfacilities for medical care. Materialson the technical and scientific Use: Health facilitiesaspects of medical care are entered Medical care for older peopleunder Medicine. Use: MedicareUse For: Delivery of health care; Delivery of Older peopleMedical caremedical care; Health care; Healthcare delivery; Medical services; Medical care for the poorPersonal health services Use: MedicaidSee Also: ethnic groups, classes of persons, PoorMedical careand names of wars with the Medical care reformsubdivision Medical care, e.g.Native AmericansMedical Use: Health care reformcare; ElderlyMedical care; etc. Medical care, Right to[to be added as needed] Use: Right to health careBroader Term(s): Public healthNarrower Term(s):Access to health care Medical centersArmiesMedical care Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyDental care Dewey: 362.11Disease management Related Term(s): Hospitals613'