b'Medical practiceSee Also: names of diseases with the Medical officessubdivision Genetic aspects [to be Use: Medical practiceadded as needed] Medical partnershipBroader Term(s): Genetics Use: Medical practicePathologyNarrower Term(s):Birth defects Medical personnelCancerGenetic aspects Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyGenetic counseling Dewey: 610.69Use For: Health care personnel; HealthMedical inspection in schools personnel; Health professions;Use: ChildrenMedical examinations Health sciences personnel; HealthMedical insurance services personnel; MedicalUse: Health insurance professionBroader Term(s): EmployeesMedical insurance, National Narrower Term(s):Mental health personnelUse: National health insurance NursesPhysiciansMedical jurisprudence Women in medicineGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Related Term(s): MedicineDewey: 614Scope Note: Use for materials on the application Medical personnelMalpracticeof medical knowledge to questions Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyof law. Materials on the law as it Dewey: 346.03affects medicine and the medical Use For: Medical errors; Medical malpracticeprofession are entered under See Also: classes of persons in the medicalMedicineLaw and legislation. field with the subdivisionUse For: Forensic medicine; Jurisprudence, Malpractice; e.g. Physicians Medical; Legal medicine Malpractice [to be added asBroader Term(s): Forensic sciences needed]Narrower Term(s):DNA fingerprinting Broader Term(s): MalpracticeLie detectors and detection MedicineLaw and legislationPoisons and poisoning Medical photographySuicide Dewey: 610.28; 621.36Related Term(s): MedicineLaw and legislation Broader Term(s): PhotographyMedical laws and legislation PhotographyScientificUse: MedicineLaw and legislation applicationsMedical leave Medical policyUse: Sick leave Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyDewey: 362.1Medical malpractice Use For: Government policy; Health careUse: Medical personnelMalpractice policy; Health policy; Medical careMedical missionsGovernment policy; MedicineGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically and state; Public health Dewey: 362.1 Government policyUse For: Missions, Medical Broader Term(s): Social policyBroader Term(s): Medicine Medical practiceMedical novels Dewey: 610.6Dewey: 808.3 Scope Note: Use for materials on theScope Note: Use for individual works, organization and management ofcollections, or materials about medicine as a profession. Scientificnovels with a medical setting. materials on the practice of medicineUse For: Doctor novels; Medical fiction; are entered under Medicine.MedicineFiction Use For: Clinics; Group medical practice;Broader Term(s): Fiction Medical appointments andschedules; Medical consultation;615'