b'MedicineLaw and legislationMedicine PharmacologyGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically PharmacyDewey: 610 PhysiologyScope Note: Use for materials on the technical Podiatryand scientific aspects of medical Popular medicinecare. Materials on the organization Preventive medicineof services and facilities for medical Psychiatrycare are entered under Medical Psychosomatic medicinecare. Materials on the organization Quacks and quackeryand management of medicine as a Social medicineprofession are entered under Space medicineMedical practice. Sports medicineUse For: Medical profession; Medical State medicinesciences Submarine medicineSee Also: types of medicine, e.g. Sports Surgerymedicine; and names of diseases Therapeuticsand groups of diseases, e.g. AIDS Toxicology(Disease); Fever; Nervous system Traditional medicine Diseases; etc., and traditional Tropical medicinemedicine of particular ethnic groups, Veterinary medicinee.g. Native American medicine [to Related Term(s): Diseasesbe added as needed] Medical careBroader Term(s): Life sciences Medical personnelNarrower Term(s):Alternative medicine PhysiciansAnatomyAviation medicine MedicineBiographyAyurvedic medicine Dewey: 610.92; 920Biochemistry Broader Term(s): BiographyChinese medicine MedicineCanadaDentistry Dewey: 610.971Diagnosis Narrower Term(s):First Nations medicineDiscoveries in medicineEmergency medicine MedicineCost of medical careEndocrinology Use: Medical careCostsFamily medicineFirst aid MedicineEthical aspectsGraphic medicine Use: Medical ethicsHealth MedicineFictionHolistic medicine Use: Medical novelsHygieneImmunology MedicineLaw and legislationMateria medica Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyMedical botany Dewey: 344Medical missions Scope Note: Use for materials on the law as itMedical practice affects medicine and the medicalMedical technology profession. Materials on theMedical zoology application of medical knowledge toMilitary medicine questions of law are entered underMind and body Medical jurisprudence.Native American medicine Use For: Medical laws and legislationNeurosciences Broader Term(s): LawNuclear medicine LegislationNursing Narrower Term(s):Medical personnelMalpracticeOrthopedics PhysiciansLicensesOsteopathic medicine PhysiciansMalpracticePathology Right to diePeriodic health examinations Related Term(s): Medical jurisprudence617'