b'MemoirsOld Norse literature Meech Lake Accord (1987)Use: Meech Lake ConstitutionalMedieval philosophy Accord (1987)Dewey: 189 Meech Lake Constitutional Accord (1987)Use For: Philosophy, Medieval Dewey: 342.71Broader Term(s): Medieval civilization Scope Note: Use for materials on the proposedPhilosophy Meech Lake Constitutional AccordMedieval tournaments that failed to be ratified by the 1990Geographic Note: May subdivide geographically June deadline. Texts of the accordDewey: 394 are entered under ConstitutionalScope Note: Use for materials on medieval amendmentsCanada.contests in which mounted and Use For: Constitution Amendment, 1987armored contestants fought for a (Canada); Meech Lake Accordprize with blunted weapons and in (1987)accordance with certain rules, and Broader Term(s): CanadaHistory1963-for materials on modern Constitutional amendments re-enactments of such events. CanadaUse For: Tournaments Meetings, PublicBroader Term(s): Chivalry Use: Public meetingsMedieval civilizationPageants Megalithic monumentsMeditation Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyDewey: 158.1; 204; 248.3; 296.7 Dewey: 930.1Scope Note: Use for materials on spiritual Broader Term(s): Antiquitiescontemplation or mental prayer. ArcheologyCollections of personal reflections Monumentsor thoughts for use in meditation are Melancholiaentered under Meditations. Use: Depression (Psychology)Broader Term(s): Devotional exercises Manic-depressive illnessSpiritual lifeNarrower Term(s):Transcendental meditation MelancholyRelated Term(s): Meditations Dewey: 616.89Mindfulness (Psychology) Broader Term(s): EmotionsMood (Psychology)MeditationsDewey: 204; 242 MelodramaScope Note: Use for collections of personal Dewey: 792.2; 808.82reflections or thoughts for use in Scope Note: Use for individual works,meditation. Materials on spiritual collections, or materials aboutcontemplation or mental prayer are melodrama.entered under Meditation. Broader Term(s): DramaSee Also: religious topics, names of individual Members of Parliamentpersons, and titles of sacred works Use: Legislatorswith the subdivision Meditations,e.g. LentMeditations [to be Members of ParliamentCanadaadded as needed] Use: Canada. Parliament. House ofBroader Term(s): Devotional literature CommonsPrayersNarrower Term(s):LentMeditations Members of provincial legislaturesRelated Term(s): Meditation Use names of members of provincial legislatures; andnames of the provincial legislatures, e.g. Manitoba,Mediterranean Sea Legislative Assembly [to be added as needed]Dewey: 551.462Broader Term(s): Seas MemoirsUse: AutobiographiesAutobiographyBiography619'