b'Sears List of Subject HeadingsNarrower Term(s):Psychotherapists Mental institutionsUse: Mentally illInstitutional careMental health services Mental patientsGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Use: Mentally illDewey: 362.2; 616.89Use For: Mental health care; Psychiatric care; Mental retardationPsychiatric services Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallySee Also: ethnic groups, classes of persons, Dewey: 362.3; 616.85and names of individual educational Use For: Mental deficiencyinstitutions with the subdivision Broader Term(s): Abnormal psychologyMental health services [to be added Narrower Term(s):Down syndromeas needed] Related Term(s): People with mental disabilitiesBroader Term(s): Medical careNarrower Term(s):Crisis intervention (Mental health Mental stereotypeservices) Use: Stereotype (Social psychology)Mental hospitals Mental stressUse: Psychiatric hospitals Use: Stress (Psychology)Mental hygiene Mental suggestionUse: Mental health Dewey: 131; 154.7; 615.8Use For: Autosuggestion; Suggestion, MentalMental illness Broader Term(s): Mind and bodyGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically ParapsychologyDewey: 362.2; 616.89 SubconsciousnessScope Note: Use for popular materials and Narrower Term(s):Brainwashingmaterials on regional or social Related Term(s): Hypnotismaspects of mental disorders. Mental healingMaterials on clinical aspects of Suggestive therapeuticsmental disorders, including therapy,are entered under Psychiatry. Mental telepathySystematic descriptions of mental Use: Telepathydisorders are entered under Mental testsAbnormal psychology. Use: Intelligence testsUse For: Mental diseases; Psychoses Psychological testsSee Also: names of specific illnesses, e.g.Manic-depressive illness [to be Mental typesadded as needed] Use: Typology (Psychology)Broader Term(s): Abnormal psychologyDiseases Mentally depressedNarrower Term(s):Manic-depressive illness Use: Depression (Psychology)Multiple personality Mentally derangedNeurasthenia Use: Mentally illSchizophreniaRelated Term(s): Mental health Mentally handicappedMentally ill Use: People with mental disabilitiesPersonality disordersPsychiatry Mentally illGeographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyMental illnessDrug therapy Dewey: 362.2; 616.89Dewey: 616.89 Use For: Insane; Mental patients; MentallyBroader Term(s): Drug therapy deranged; PsychoticsMental illnessJurisprudence Broader Term(s): SickUse: Insanity defense Narrower Term(s):Emotionally disturbed childrenPsychopathsMental illnessPhysiological aspects Related Term(s): Mental illnessDewey: 616.89 Mentally illInstitutional careBroader Term(s): Physiology Geographic Note: May subdivide geographically622'