b'MessagesDewey: 362.2 Narrower Term(s):HarborsUse For: Mental institutions Marine insuranceBroader Term(s): Institutional care Related Term(s): ShippingRelated Term(s): Psychiatric hospitals Merchant marineCanadaMentally ill children Dewey: 387.50971Use: Emotionally disturbed children Use For: CanadaMerchant marineMentally retarded Merchant marineLaw and legislationUse: People with mental disabilities Use: Maritime lawMentally retarded children Merchant marineSafety regulationsUse: Children with mental disabilities Use: ShipsSafety regulationsMentoring Merchant marineUnited StatesGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Dewey: 387.50973Dewey: 361; 371.102; 658.3 MerchantsBroader Term(s): CounselingGeographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyMenus Dewey: 381.092; 920Dewey: 642 Broader Term(s): BusinesspeopleUse For: Bills of fare; Meal planning Related Term(s): Commercial agentsBroader Term(s): Cooking MercuryDietNarrower Term(s):Breakfasts Dewey: 546; 669Dinners Use For: QuicksilverLuncheons Broader Term(s): Chemical elementsRelated Term(s): Catering MetalsMercantile buildings Mercury (Planet)Use: Commercial buildings Dewey: 523.41Broader Term(s): PlanetsMercantile law MercyUse: Commercial lawDewey: 177.7Mercenary soldiers Broader Term(s): EthicsGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically KindnessDewey: 355.3 Narrower Term(s):Corporal works of mercyUse For: Mercenary troops; Soldiers of Spiritual works of mercyfortune Mercy killingBroader Term(s): Military personnelSoldiers Use: EuthanasiaMercenary troops MergersUse: Mercenary soldiers Use: Corporate mergers andacquisitionsMerchandise Merlin (Legendary character)Use: Commercial productsConsumer goods Dewey: 398.22Broader Term(s): Legendary charactersMerchandising Mermaids and mermenUse: MarketingRetail trade Dewey: 398.21Broader Term(s): Mythical animalsMerchant marineGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically MesmerismDewey: 387.5 Use: HypnotismBroader Term(s): Maritime law MessagesSailors Use types of public officials and names of individualShips public officials with the subdivision Messages, e.g.Transportation623'