b'Sears List of Subject HeadingsPresidentsUnited StatesMessages [to be Metallurgical analysisadded as needed] Use: MetallographyMessages to Congress MetallurgyUse: PresidentsUnited StatesGeographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyMessages Dewey: 669Scope Note: Use for materials on the process ofMessiness extracting metals from their ores,Dewey: 648 refining them, and preparing themUse For: Disorderliness; Sloppiness for use. Materials on the science ofBroader Term(s): Human behavior metal structures and alloys,especially the study of suchMeta-fiction structures with the microscope, areUse: Metafiction entered under Metallography.Metabolic disorders Narrower Term(s):ElectrometallurgyDewey: 616.3 Related Term(s): AlloysBroader Term(s): Diseases Chemical engineeringNarrower Term(s):Food intolerance Industrial chemistryMetalsMetabolism OresDewey: 572 SmeltingBroader Term(s): Biochemistry MetalsNarrower Term(s):Drug-food interactions Dewey: 669Growth disorders See Also: types of metals [to be added asMinerals in the body needed]Metafiction Broader Term(s): Inorganic chemistryDewey: 808.83 OresScope Note: Use for individual works, Narrower Term(s):Alloyscollections, or materials about Aluminumnovels or stories that call attention to Brasstheir own fictional nature. IronUse For: Meta-fiction; Self-reflexive fiction MercuryBroader Term(s): Fiction MetallographyPewterMetal (Music) Precious metalsUse: Heavy metal (Music) SolderingMetal finishing TinUse: MetalsFinishing ZincRelated Term(s): MetallurgyMetal work MetalworkUse: Metalwork MetalsFinishingMetallography Dewey: 671.7Dewey: 669 Use For: Metal finishingScope Note: Use for materials on the science of Broader Term(s): Finishes and finishingmetal structures and alloys, Metalworkespecially the study of such Metalworkstructures with the microscope. Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyMaterials on the process of Dewey: 671; 739extracting metals from their ores, Use For: Metal workrefining them, and preparing them Broader Term(s): Decoration and ornamentfor use, are entered under Narrower Term(s):Architectural metalworkMetallurgy. Art metalworkUse For: Metallurgical analysis; Microscopic Bronzesanalysis CopperworkBroader Term(s): Metals Dies (Metalworking)Electroplating624'