b'Sears List of Subject HeadingsSeasons Metric systemCanadaSolar radiation Dewey: 389Storms Use For: CanadaMetrificationSunspots Metrical romancesThunderstorms Use: RomancesTornadoesWeatherFolklore MetrologyWeather control Use: MeasurementWeather forecasting Weights and measuresWinds Metropolitan areasRelated Term(s): Atmosphere Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyClimate Dewey: 307.76Meteorological observatories Use For: Urban areasWeather See Also: names of metropolitan areas, e.g.MeteorologyObservatories Chicago Metropolitan Area (Ill.)Use: Meteorological observatories [to be added as needed]Broader Term(s): Cities and townsGrowthMeteorologyTables Narrower Term(s):SuburbsDewey: 551.5 Urban renewalMeteorology in aeronautics Metropolitan areasCanadaDewey: 629.132 Dewey: 307.760971Broader Term(s): Aeronautics See Also: names of metropolitan areas, e.g.Meteorology Vancouver Metropolitan AreaMeteors (B.C.) [to be added as needed]Dewey: 523.5 Metropolitan financeUse For: Falling stars; Shooting stars Dewey: 336Broader Term(s): Astronomy Scope Note: Use for general materials on theSolar system public finance of metropolitan areas.Narrower Term(s):Meteorites Materials on the finance of aMeter particular metropolitan area areUse: Musical meter and rhythm entered under Public finance withVersification the appropriate geographicsubdivision.Meters, Electric Broader Term(s): Municipal financeUse: Electric meters Public financeMeth (Drug) Metropolitan governmentUse: Methamphetamine Dewey: 320.8; 352.16Methamphetamine See Also: names of metropolitan areas withthe subdivision Politics andDewey: 362.29; 615 government [to be added as needed]Use For: Meth (Drug); Speed (Drug) Broader Term(s): Local governmentBroader Term(s): Amphetamines Narrower Term(s):Chicago Metropolitan Area (Ill.)Narrower Term(s):Crystal meth (Drug)Politics and governmentMethodology Related Term(s): Municipal governmentUse subjects with the subdivision Methodology, e.g. Metropolitan planningScienceMethodology [to be added as needed] Use: Regional planningMetric system Mexican American authorsDewey: 389; 530.8 Dewey: 810.9; 920Broader Term(s): Arithmetic See Also: genres of American literature withMathematics the subdivision Mexican AmericanRelated Term(s): Decimal system authors [to be added as needed]Weights and measures Broader Term(s): Latino authors626'