b'Sears List of Subject HeadingsMicrochemistry ProtozoaDewey: 540 VirusesBroader Term(s): Chemistry Related Term(s): MicrobiologyMicrocomputers MicrophotographyUse: Personal computers Dewey: 686.4Microcredit Scope Note: Use for materials on theUse: Microfinance photographing of objects of any sizeto produce minute images. MaterialsMicroeconomics on the photographing of minuteDewey: 338.5 objects through a microscope areUse For: Price theory entered under Photomicrography.Broader Term(s): Economics Use For: MicrofilmingMicroelectronics Broader Term(s): PhotographyDewey: 621.381 Related Term(s): MicroformsUse For: Microminiature electronic Microprocessorsequipment; Microminiaturization Dewey: 004.16(Electronics) Scope Note: Use for materials on the silicon chipBroader Term(s): Electronics that contains the central processingSemiconductors units of a microcomputer or otherMicrofilming electronic device.Use: Microphotography Broader Term(s): ComputersMicrofilms MicropublicationsDewey: 302.23; 686.4 Use: MicroformsBroader Term(s): Microforms Microscope and microscopyMicrofinance Use: MicroscopesGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically MicroscopesDewey: 332 Dewey: 502.8Use For: Microcredit; Microloans Use For: Microscope and microscopy;Broader Term(s): Loans Microscopic analysisMicroforms Broader Term(s): Optical instrumentsDewey: 302.23; 686.4 Narrower Term(s):Electron microscopesUse For: Micropublications Related Term(s): PhotomicrographySee Also: types of microforms [to be added as Microscopic analysisneeded] Use: MetallographyNarrower Term(s):Microfilms MicroscopesRelated Term(s): MicrophotographyMicroscopic organismsMicroloans Use: MicroorganismsUse: MicrofinanceMicrosoft Word (Computer software)Microminiature electronic equipment Dewey: 005.5Use: Microelectronics Use For: Word (Computer software)Microminiaturization (Electronics) Broader Term(s): Computer softwareUse: Microelectronics Microwave communication systemsMicroorganisms Dewey: 621.381Dewey: 579 Broader Term(s): Intercommunication systemsUse For: Germs; Microbes; Microscopic Shortwave radioorganisms TelecommunicationNarrower Term(s):Bacteria Narrower Term(s):Closed-circuit televisionDrug resistance in Microwave cookerymicroorganisms Use: Microwave cookingProbiotics628'