b'Sears List of Subject HeadingsBroader Term(s): Child welfare AbilityTestingChildren Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyRelated Term(s): Orphans Dewey: 153.9; 371.26Use For: Aptitude testingAbandoned towns Broader Term(s): Educational tests andUse: Extinct cities measurementsGhost towns Intelligence testsPsychological testsAbandonment of familyUse: Desertion and nonsupport Ability grouping in educationGeographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyAbbeys Dewey: 371.2Geographic Note: May subdivide geographically Use For: Grouping by abilityDewey: 271; 726 Broader Term(s): EducationSee Also: names of individual abbeys [to be Educational psychologyadded as needed] Grading and marking (Education)Broader Term(s): Church architecture Narrower Term(s):Nongraded schoolsMonasteriesNarrower Term(s):Westminster Abbey ABMsRelated Term(s): Cathedrals Use: Antimissile missilesAbbreviations Abnormal childrenDewey: 411 Use: Children with disabilitiesUse For: Contractions Exceptional childrenBroader Term(s): Writing Abnormal growthNarrower Term(s):Acronyms Use: Growth disordersCode namesRelated Term(s): Ciphers Abnormal psychologyShorthand Dewey: 616.89Signs and symbols Scope Note: Use for systematic descriptions ofABCs mental disorders. Materials onUse: Alphabet clinical aspects of mental disorders,including therapy, are entered underAbdominal exercises Psychiatry. Popular materials andDewey: 613.7 materials on regional or socialUse For: Stomach exercises aspects of mental disorders areBroader Term(s): Exercise entered under Mental illness.Use For: Mental diseases; PathologicalAbduction psychology; Psychology,Use: Kidnapping Pathological; Psychopathology;Abduction of humans by aliens PsychopathyUse: Alien abduction Broader Term(s): Mind and bodyNervous systemAbilities Narrower Term(s):Affective disordersUse: Ability Attention deficit disorderCodependencyAbility Compulsive behaviorDewey: 153.9 Depression (Psychology)Use For: Abilities; Aptitude; Skill; Skills; Eating disordersTalent; Talents Hallucinations and illusionsSee Also: types of ability [to be added as Mental illnessneeded] Mental retardationNarrower Term(s):Creative ability Multiple personalityExecutive ability NeurosesLeadership Panic disordersMathematical ability Personality disordersMusical ability Psychosomatic medicineRelated Term(s): Success Self-mutilation2'