b'Sears List of Subject HeadingsBroader Term(s): Civil engineering Narrower Term(s):BattlesEngineering Military policyNarrower Term(s):World War, 1939-1945United StatesMilitary historyEngineering and construction United States. ArmyRelated Term(s): Fortification Related Term(s): Naval historyMilitary facilities Military hospitalsUse: Military bases Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyMilitary forces Dewey: 355.7Use For: Field hospitals; Veterans Use: Armed forces HospitalsMilitary geography See Also: names of wars with the subdivisionDewey: 355.4 Medical care, e.g. World War,Use For: Maps, Military; Military maps 1939-1945Medical care [to beSee Also: areas of the world with the added as needed]subdivision Strategic aspects [to be Broader Term(s): Hospitalsadded as needed] Military medicineBroader Term(s): Geography Related Term(s): VeteransNarrower Term(s):Middle EastStrategic aspects Military installationsMilitary government Use: Military basesDewey: 341.6; 355.4 Military intelligenceScope Note: Use for general materials on Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallygovernments under military regimes, Dewey: 355.3not limited to a single country. See Also: names of wars with the subdivisionUse For: Government, Military Military intelligence, e.g. WorldSee Also: names of countries with the War, 1939-1945Militarysubdivision Politics and intelligence [to be added as needed]government, or History, with Broader Term(s): Intelligence serviceappropriate dates as needed, for Narrower Term(s):World War, 1939-1945 materials on governments of Military intelligenceparticular countries under military Related Term(s): Information warfarerule; and names of countriesoccupied by foreignmilitary Military interventiongovernments with the appropriate Use: Intervention (International law)subdivision under History, e.g.,NetherlandsHistoryMilitary law1940-1945, German occupation; Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyJapanHistory1945-1952, Dewey: 343Allied occupation; etc. [to be added Use For: Articles of war; War, Articles ofas needed] Broader Term(s): International lawBroader Term(s): Public administration LawRelated Term(s): Military occupation Narrower Term(s):DraftMilitary offensesMilitary health VeteransLegal status, laws,Use: Military personnelHealth and etc.hygiene Related Term(s): Courts martial and courts ofMilitary history inquiryMartial lawDewey: 355.009 WarUse For: History, Military; WarsSee Also: names of countries with the subhead Military lifeArmy or the subdivision Military Use: Military personnelhistory, e.g. United States. Army; Military maneuversUnited StatesMilitary history;and names of wars, battles, sieges, Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyetc. [to be added as needed] Dewey: 355.4Broader Term(s): History Broader Term(s): Tactics632'