b'Miniature paintingSee Also: names of minerals, e.g. Quartz [to Use For: Mineral lands; Mineral resources;be added as needed] MiningBroader Term(s): Geology See Also: types of mines and mining, e.g.Narrower Term(s):Asbestos Coal mines and mining [to beGems added as needed]Gypsum Broader Term(s): Economic geologyLime Natural resourcesMinerals in human nutrition Raw materialsMinerals in the body Narrower Term(s):Coal mines and miningOres Gold mines and miningPrecious stones Marine mineral resourcesQuartz Mining engineeringRelated Term(s): Crystals Precious metalsMines and mineral resources ProspectingNatural history Silver mines and miningPetrology Related Term(s): MineralsMinerals in human nutrition Mines and mineral resourcesCanadaDewey: 612.3 Dewey: 333.8; 338.2Broader Term(s): Food See Also: types of mines and mining, e.g.Minerals Coal mines and mining Nutrition Canada [to be added as needed]Minerals in the body Narrower Term(s):Coal mines and mining Dewey: 612.3; 613.2 CanadaSee Also: individual minerals in the body, e.g. Mines and mineral resourcesUnited StatesIron in the body [to be added as Dewey: 333.8; 338.2; 622needed]Broader Term(s): Metabolism Miniature gardensMinerals Dewey: 635.9Narrower Term(s):Iron in the body Use For: Gardens, Miniature; Tray gardensBroader Term(s): GardensMiners Miniature objectsGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Related Term(s): Container gardeningDewey: 920 Indoor gardeningSee Also: types of miners [to be added as Terrariumsneeded]Broader Term(s): Labor Miniature objectsNarrower Term(s):Coal miners Dewey: 688; 745.592Use For: Miniatures; Tiny objectsMinersDiseases See Also: types of objects with the subdivisionGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Models [to be added as needed]Dewey: 616.9 Broader Term(s): Art objectsUse For: Miners diseases Narrower Term(s):Doll furnitureBroader Term(s): Occupational diseases DollhousesMiners diseases Miniature gardensMiniature paintingUse: MinersDiseases Models and modelmakingMines and mineral resources Related Term(s): ToysGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Miniature paintingDewey: 333.8; 338.2 Dewey: 751.7; 757Scope Note: Use for materials on mines and Use For: Miniatures (Portraits); Portraitmining and the potential economic miniaturesvalue of minerals. Materials on the Broader Term(s): Miniature objectschemical or geological aspects of Paintingnatural compounds extracted from Related Term(s): Portrait paintingthe earth are entered underMinerals.637'