b'Minority business enterprisesFederal aidMinorities in broadcasting broadcasting [to be added asGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically needed]Dewey: 384.5; 791.4 Broader Term(s): MinoritiesScope Note: Use for materials on minority Minorities in broadcastinginvolvement in the broadcasting Television broadcastingindustry.Use For: Minority groups in broadcasting Minorities in the motion picture industrySee Also: names of particular minority groups Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyin broadcasting or in particular Dewey: 791.43092broadcast media, e.g. African Scope Note: Use for materials on all aspects ofAmericans in television minority involvement in the motionbroadcasting [to be added as picture industry. Materials on theneeded] portrayal of minorities in motionBroader Term(s): Broadcasting pictures are entered underMinorities Minorities in motion pictures.Narrower Term(s):Minorities in television Broader Term(s): Motion picture industrybroadcasting Narrower Term(s):African Americans in the motionMinorities in engineering picture industryDewey: 620 Blacks in the motion pictureUse For: Minority groups in engineering industryBroader Term(s): Engineering Minorities in the television industryMinorities in literature Use: Minorities in televisionDewey: 809 broadcastingScope Note: Use for materials on the theme of Minorities on televisionminorities in works of literature. Dewey: 791.45Broader Term(s): LiteratureThemes Scope Note: Use for materials on the portrayal ofMinorities in motion pictures minorities in television programs.Dewey: 791.43 Materials on all aspects of minorityScope Note: Use for materials on the depiction of involvement in television areminorities in motion pictures. entered under Minorities inMaterials discussing all aspects of television broadcasting.minorities involvement in motion Use For: Minorities in televisionpictures are entered under See Also: names of particular minority groupsMinorities in the motion picture in television, e.g. Africanindustry. Americans on television [to beBroader Term(s): Motion pictures added as needed]Narrower Term(s):African Americans in motion Broader Term(s): Minoritiespictures TelevisionBlacks in motion pictures Minority business enterprisesMinorities in television Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyUse: Minorities on television Dewey: 338.6Use For: Minority businesses;Minorities in television broadcasting Minority-owned businessDewey: 791.45 enterprisesScope Note: Use for materials on all aspects of Broader Term(s): Business enterprisesminority involvement in television. MinoritiesMaterials on the portrayal of Minority business enterprisesCanadaFederal aidminorities in television programs are Use: Federal aid to minority businessentered under Minorities on enterprisesCanadatelevision.Use For: Minorities in the television industry Minority business enterprisesFederal aidSee Also: names of particular minority groups Use: Federal aid to minority businessin television broadcasting, e.g. enterprisesAfrican Americans in television639'