b'Model makingMissions Mobile home livingUse names of Christian churches, denominations, Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyreligious orders, etc., with the subdivision Missions, Dewey: 643; 728.7e.g. Catholic ChurchMissions; and names of Broader Term(s): Home economicspeoples evangelized with the subdivision Christian Mobile homesmissions, e.g. NativeAmericansChristian Narrower Term(s):Trailer parksmissions [to be added as needed] Mobile home parksMissions, Christian Use: Trailer parksUse: Christian missions Mobile homesMissions, Medical Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyUse: Medical missions Dewey: 643; 728.7Scope Note: Use for materials on stationaryMississippi River Valley transportable structures designed forDewey: 977 year-round living. Materials onUse For: Mississippi Valley structures mounted upon a truck orBroader Term(s): United States towed by a truck or automobile forNarrower Term(s):Middle West the purpose of temporary dwellingMississippi River ValleyHistory or cargo hauling are entered underDewey: 977 Travel trailers and campers.Use For: New France Use For: House trailers; TrailersBroader Term(s): HousingMississippi Valley Narrower Term(s):Mobile home livingUse: Mississippi River Valley Related Term(s): Travel trailers and campersMistakes Mobiles (Sculpture)Use: Errors Dewey: 731Broader Term(s): Kinetic sculptureMix-and-match books SculptureUse: Split-page booksMobilization, IndustrialMixed marriage Use: Industrial mobilizationUse: Interfaith marriageIntermarriage MobsUse: CrowdsMixed media painting RiotsDewey: 751.4Broader Term(s): Painting Mock epic literatureUse: Mock-heroic literatureMixed race peopleUse: Racially mixed people Mock-heroic literatureDewey: 800Mixology Scope Note: Use for individual works,Use: Bartending collections, or materials aboutMLAs mock-heroic literature.Use names of members of legislative assemblies; and Use For: Comic epic literature; Mock epicnames of the provincial legislatures, e.g. Manitoba, literatureLegislative Assembly [to be added as needed] Broader Term(s): LiteratureWit and humorMnemonics Related Term(s): Epic literatureDewey: 153.1 Humorous fictionSee Also: subjects, types of literature, and Model airplanestitles of sacred works with the Use: AirplanesModelssubdivision Memorizing, e.g. Poetry Memorizing [to be added as Model carsneeded] Use: AutomobilesModelsNarrower Term(s):PoetryMemorizingRelated Term(s): Memory Model makingUse: Models and modelmaking641'