b'Modernism (Literature)Related Term(s): Greek language Modern literatureUse: LiteratureModern Greek literature Modernism in literatureDewey: 889 Modern painting1800-1899 (19th century)Scope Note: May use same subdivisions and Use: Painting19th centurynames of literary forms as forEnglish literature. Modern painting1900-1999 (20th century)Use For: Greek literature, Modern; Use: Painting20th centuryNeo-Greek literature; Romaicliterature Modern painting2000-2099 (21st century)Broader Term(s): Literature Use: Painting21st centuryModern history Modern philosophyDewey: 909.08 Dewey: 190Scope Note: Use for materials covering the Scope Note: Use for materials on developmentsperiod after 1453. in Western philosophy since theUse For: History, Modern Middle Ages.Broader Term(s): World history Use For: Philosophy, ModernBroader Term(s): PhilosophyModern history1800-1899 (19th century) Narrower Term(s):EnlightenmentUse: World history19th century ExistentialismModern history1900-1999 (20th century) PhenomenologyUse: World history20th century Modern sculptureModern history1945- Use: Modernism in sculptureUse: World history1945- Modern sculpture1900-1999 (20th century)Modern historyStudy and teaching Use: Sculpture20th centuryDewey: 907 ModernismNarrower Term(s):Current events Use: Modernism (Aesthetics)Modern languages Modernism (Theology)Dewey: 410 Modernism (Aesthetics)Scope Note: Use for materials dealing Dewey: 700.1collectively with living literary Scope Note: Use for materials on the philosophylanguages. May be subdivided like and practice of the arts since theEnglish language. nineteenth century characterized byUse For: Languages, Modern a self-conscious break with the pastBroader Term(s): Language and languages and a search for new forms ofModern languagesConversation and phrase expression.books Use For: Modernism; Modernism (Arts)Dewey: 418 Broader Term(s): AestheticsScope Note: Use for instructional materials or for Narrower Term(s):Avant-garde (Aesthetics)books of convenient conversations Modernism in architectureand phrases for travelers. Modernism in artUse For: Conversation and phrase books; Modernism in literatureConversation in foreign languages; Modernism in sculptureConversations and phrases; Foreign Related Term(s): Postmodernismlanguage phrases Modernism (Art)See Also: names of languages with the Use: Modernism in artsubdivision Conversation andphrase books, e.g. French language Modernism (Arts) Conversation and phrase Use: Modernism (Aesthetics)books [to be added as needed] Modernism (Literature)Modern languagesStudy and teaching Use: Modernism in literatureDewey: 418Related Term(s): Language laboratories643'