b'Sears List of Subject Headingsvalue and for general materials on MonkeysHabits and behaviorvarious types of money. Use: MonkeysBehaviorUse For: Currency; Legal tender; Standard of Monksvalue Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyBroader Term(s): Economics Dewey: 255; 271Exchange Related Term(s): Monasticism and religious ordersFinance for menNarrower Term(s):BarterBitcoin MonogramsChildrens allowances Dewey: 745.6Coinage Use For: Ciphers (Lettering)Coins Broader Term(s): AlphabetsCounterfeits and counterfeiting Decoration and ornamentCredit LetteringEuro Related Term(s): InitialsForeign exchange MonologuesMints Dewey: 808.85Monetary unions Scope Note: Use for individual works,Money supply collections, or materials aboutPaper money monologues. Monologues withRelated Term(s): Banks and banking incidental musical background andGold musical works in which spokenMonetary policy language is an integral part areSilver entered under Monologues withWealthmusic.Money raising Use For: Declamations; NarrationsUse: Fund raising Broader Term(s): RecitationsNarrower Term(s):SoliloquiesMoney risk (Finance) Related Term(s): Monologues with musicUse: Financial riskMonologues with musicMoney supply Dewey: 782.2; 808.85Geographic Note: May subdivide geographically Scope Note: Use for musical scores and forDewey: 332.4 materials about monologues withUse For: Supply of money incidental musical background andBroader Term(s): Money musical works in which spokenRelated Term(s): Monetary policy language is an integral part.Money-making projects for children Individual monologues withoutDewey: 332.024; 650.1 music, collections, and materialsUse For: Childrens moneymaking projects; about monologues without musicMoneymaking projects for children are entered under Monologues.Broader Term(s): Business enterprises Use For: Musical declamation; Narration withRelated Term(s): Childrens allowances music; Recitations with musicBroader Term(s): RecitationsMoneymaking projects for children Related Term(s): MonologuesUse: Money-making projects for MonopolieschildrenGeographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyMonkeys Dewey: 338.8Geographic Note: May subdivide geographically Broader Term(s): CommerceDewey: 599.8 EconomicsBroader Term(s): Primates Related Term(s): CompetitionCorporation lawMonkeysBehavior Industrial trustsDewey: 599.8 Restraint of tradeUse For: MonkeysHabits and behaviorBroader Term(s): Animal behavior646'