b'Motion picture serialsMoths Motion picture producers andGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically directorsDewey: 595.78 Motion picturesProductionUse For: Cocoons; Lepidoptera and directionBroader Term(s): Insects Women in the motion pictureNarrower Term(s):Caterpillars industrySilkworms Related Term(s): Motion picturesRelated Term(s): ButterfliesMotion Motion picture industryCanadaDewey: 531 Dewey: 384; 791.430971Use For: Kinetics Use For: Canadian film industry (MotionBroader Term(s): Dynamics pictures); Canadian motion pictureNarrower Term(s):Mechanical movements industrySpeed Motion picture musicalsRelated Term(s): Force and energy Use: Musical filmsKinematicsMechanics Motion picture photographyUse: CinematographyMotion picture actors and actressesUse: Actors Motion picture playsUse: ScreenplaysMotion picture adaptationsUse: Film adaptations Motion picture playsTechniqueDewey: 808.2Motion picture cameras Use For: Motion picturesPlay writing;Dewey: 777 Play writing; PlaywritingUse For: Movie cameras Broader Term(s): DramaTechniqueBroader Term(s): CamerasCinematography Motion picture postersRelated Term(s): Amateur films Use: Film postersMotion picture cartoons Motion picture producersUse: Animated films Use: Motion picture producers anddirectorsMotion picture criticismUse: Film criticism Motion picture producers and directorsGeographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyMotion picture direction Dewey: 791.43; 920Use: Motion picturesProduction Use For: Film directors; Film producers;and direction Motion picture directors; MotionMotion picture directors picture producersUse: Motion picture producers and Broader Term(s): Motion picture industrydirectors Related Term(s): Motion picturesProductionand directionMotion picture festivals Motion picture productionUse: Film festivals Use: Motion picturesProductionMotion picture industry and directionGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Motion picture projectorsDewey: 384; 791.43 Use: ProjectorsUse For: Film industry (Motion pictures)Broader Term(s): Industries Motion picture scriptsNarrower Term(s):African Americans in the motion Use: Screenplayspicture industryBlacks in the motion picture Motion picture serialsindustry Dewey: 791.43Minorities in the motion picture Scope Note: Use for individual works,industry collections, or materials aboutmotion picture serials.651'