b'Sears List of Subject HeadingsBroader Term(s): Motion pictures Documentary filmsMotion picture theaters Epic filmsErotic filmsGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Experimental filmsDewey: 725 Fantasy filmsUse For: Cinemas; Movie theaters Film adaptationsBroader Term(s): Theaters Film noirMotion pictures Gangster filmsGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Horror filmsDewey: 384; 791.43 Independent filmsScope Note: Use for general materials on motion Legal drama (Films)pictures, including motion pictures Medical drama (Films)as an art form. Materials on the Minorities in motion picturestechnical aspects of making motion Motion picture serialspictures and their projection onto a Motion pictures and childrenscreen are entered under Motion pictures in educationCinematography. For materials on Musical filmsmotion pictures produced by the Mystery filmsmotion picture industry of an Science fiction filmsindividual country or on the motion Sherlock Holmes filmspictures shown in a country, Short filmssubdivide geographically, e.g. Silent filmsMotion picturesUnited States. Sports drama (Films)Use For: Cinema; Films; Movies Spy filmsSee Also: types of motion pictures, e.g. Star Wars filmsDocumentary films; Horror films; Television moviesmotion pictures and particular Three Stooges filmsgroups of persons, e.g., Motion Vampire filmspictures and children; motion War filmspictures as used in various industries Western filmsor fields of endeavor, e.g. Motion Women in motion picturespictures in education; subjects and World War, 1939-1945Motiongroups of persons portrayed in pictures and the warmotion pictures, e.g. Animals in Related Term(s): Motion picture industrymotion pictures; Women in Motion picturesBiographymotion pictures; groups of persons Dewey: 791.43092; 920in the motion picture industry, e.g. Broader Term(s): BiographyWomen in the motion pictureindustry; and names of individual Motion picturesCanadamotion pictures [to be added as Dewey: 791.430971needed] Scope Note: Use for materials on motion picturesBroader Term(s): Audiovisual materials produced by the Canadian motionMass media picture industry or on motionPerforming arts pictures shown in Canada.Narrower Term(s):Academy Awards (Motion Use For: Canadian films; Canadian motionpictures) pictures; Motion pictures, CanadianAdventure films Related Term(s): Genie AwardsAfrican Americans in motion Motion picturesCatalogspictures Dewey: 016.79143Amateur films Use For: Catalogs, Film; Film catalogs;Animals in motion pictures FilmographyAnimated films See Also: types of motion pictures with theApocalyptic films subdivision Catalogs, e.g. ScienceBible films fiction filmsCatalogs; andBiographical films subjects, classes of persons,Blacks in motion pictures corporate entities, and names ofComedy films652'