b'Sears List of Subject HeadingsMovie posters Use For: Intercultural educationUse: Film posters Broader Term(s): AcculturationMovie scripts EducationUse: Screenplays MulticulturalismNarrower Term(s):Bilingual educationMovie theaters Related Term(s): International educationUse: Motion picture theaters Multicultural literatureMovie tie-ins Multicultural educationCanadaUse: Movie novels Dewey: 370.117Movies Use For: Intercultural educationCanada;Use: Motion pictures MulticulturalismCanada Study and teachingMoving Multicultural literatureDewey: 648 Dewey: 808.8Scope Note: Use for materials on changing the Scope Note: Use for collections that bringlocation of possessions, household, together literatures of variousoffice, etc. cultures for the purpose ofUse For: Household moving; Moving, illustrating racial, religious, orhousehold ethnic diversity.Broader Term(s): Home economics Broader Term(s): LiteratureMoving, household MulticulturalismUse: Moving Related Term(s): Multicultural educationMP3 players MulticulturalismDewey: 006.5; 621.389 Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyBroader Term(s): Computer sound processing Dewey: 305.8; 306.44SoundRecording and Scope Note: Use for materials on policies orreproducing programs that foster the preservationof various cultures or culturalMPPs identities within a unified society.Use names of members of provincial legislatures; and Materials on the coexistence ofnames of the provincial legislatures, e.g. Manitoba, several distinct ethnic, religious, orLegislative Assembly [to be added as needed] cultural groups within one societyMPs are entered under Pluralism (SocialUse: Canada. Parliament. House of sciences). Materials on the presenceCommons of two distinct cultures within asingle country or region are enteredMRI (Magnetic resonance imaging) under Biculturalism.Use: Magnetic resonance imaging Use For: Diversity movementBroader Term(s): CultureMulattoes Social policyUse: Racially mixed people Narrower Term(s):Diversity in the workplaceMulti-age grouping Multicultural educationUse: Nongraded schools Multicultural literatureRelated Term(s): BiculturalismMulticultural diversity in the workplace Ethnic relationsUse: Diversity in the workplace EthnicityPluralism (Social sciences)Multicultural education Race relationsGeographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyDewey: 370.117 MulticulturalismCanadaScope Note: Use for materials on the attempt to Dewey: 306.44; 971eradicate racial and religious Scope Note: Use for materials on the ethnic orprejudices through the study of cultural heterogeneity of Canadianvarious races, creeds, and immigrant society, the ideal of equality andcultures. mutual respect among ethnic or656'