b'Multiplicationcultural groups, and government Multimedia knowledge systemspolicies intended to foster theese Use: Multimediagoals. Materials on the presence of Multimedia materialsthe two distinct founding cultures in Use: Audiovisual materialsCanada are entered underBiculturalismCanada. Multimedia systemsUse For: CanadaMulticulturalism; Canada Use: Multimedia National unity problem; Narrower Term(s):Streaming technologyCanadian unity problem; National Multinational corporationsunity problem (Canada) Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyRelated Term(s): BiculturalismCanada Dewey: 338.8; 658MulticulturalismCanadaStudy and teaching Use For: BusinessInternational aspects;Use: Multicultural educationCorporations, Multinational;Canada International business enterprisesBroader Term(s): Business enterprisesMultilingual dictionaries CommerceUse: Polyglot dictionaries CorporationsMultilingual glossaries, phrase books, etc. International economic relationsUse: Polyglot dictionaries Narrower Term(s):Foreign investmentsMultilingualism Multiple birthGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Dewey: 618.2Dewey: 306.44 Use For: Birth, MultipleBroader Term(s): Language and languages See Also: types of multiple births, e.g. Twins[to be added as needed]Multimedia Broader Term(s): ChildbirthDewey: 006.7 Narrower Term(s):TripletsScope Note: Use for materials on computer Twinssystems, software, or data items that Related Term(s): Multiple pregnancyallow users to manipulate diverse Multiple chemical sensitivityintegrated media, such as text, Dewey: 615.9graphics, sound, etc. Use For: Chemical sensitivity, MultipleUse For: Computer-based multimedia Broader Term(s): Environmentally induced diseasesinformation systems; Interactivemedia; Interactive multimedia; Multiple personalitiesMultimedia computing; Multimedia Use: Multiple personalityinformation systems; Multimediaknowledge systems; Multimedia Multiple personalitysystems Dewey: 616.85See Also: subjects with the subdivision Use For: Double consciousness; MultipleInteractive multimedia, e.g. personalities; Personality, Multiple;GeologyInteractive Split personalitymultimedia [to be added as needed] Broader Term(s): Abnormal psychologyBroader Term(s): Computer software Mental illnessInformation systems Personality disordersNarrower Term(s):Hyperlinks PsychologyPodcasting Multiple plot storiesMultimedia centers Use: Plot-your-own storiesUse: Instructional materials centers Multiple pregnancyMultimedia computing Dewey: 618.25Use: Multimedia Use For: Plural pregnancyBroader Term(s): PregnancyMultimedia information systems Related Term(s): Multiple birthUse: MultimediaMultiplicationDewey: 513.2657'