b'MuseumsMunicipal government by city manager MunicipalitiesDewey: 320.8; 352.16 Use: Cities and townsUse For: City manager; Commission Municipal governmentgovernment with city manager MunitionsBroader Term(s): Municipal governmentUse: Defense industryMunicipal government by commission Military weaponsGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Munsinger Affair, 1966Dewey: 320.8; 352.16Use For: Commission government; Use: Munsinger Affair, Canada, 1966Government by commission Munsinger Affair, Canada, 1966Broader Term(s): Municipal government Dewey: 971.064Municipal improvements Use For: Munsinger Affair, 1966Use: Cities and townsCivic Broader Term(s): Political corruptionCanadaimprovement Mural painting and decorationMunicipal art Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyMunicipal officers Dewey: 729; 751.7Use: Municipal officials and employees Use For: Fresco painting; Wall decoration;Wall paintingMunicipal officials and employees Broader Term(s): Decoration and ornamentDewey: 352.16 Interior designUse For: Municipal civil service; Municipal Paintingemployees; Municipal officers; Related Term(s): MosaicsTown officers MurderSee Also: names of cities with the subdivisionOfficials and employees, e.g. Use: HomicideChicago (Ill.)Officials and Murder mysteriesemployees [to be added as needed] Use: Mystery and detective playsBroader Term(s): Civil service Mystery fictionRelated Term(s): Municipal government Mystery filmsMunicipal officials and employeesCanada Mystery radio programsDewey: 352.160971 Mystery television programsSee Also: names of cities with the subdivision Murder trialsOfficials and employees, e.g. Use: Trials (Homicide)Vancouver (B.C.)Officials andemployees [to be added as needed] MusclesNarrower Term(s):City council membersCanada Dewey: 611; 612.7MayorsCanada Broader Term(s): Musculoskeletal systemRelated Term(s): Municipal governmentCanada Muscular systemMunicipal ownership Use: Musculoskeletal systemDewey: 338.9; 352.5 Musculoskeletal systemUse For: Public ownership Dewey: 611; 612.7Broader Term(s): Corporations Use For: Muscular systemEconomic policy Broader Term(s): AnatomyGovernment ownership PhysiologyMunicipal planning Narrower Term(s):BonesUse: City planning JointsMusclesMunicipal transit SkeletonUse: Local transit Related Term(s): Human locomotionMunicipal-federal relations MuseumsUse: Federal-city relations Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyMunicipal-provincial relations Dewey: 069; 708Use: Provincial-local relations659'