b'Sears List of Subject HeadingsSee Also: appropriate subjects and names of Cajun musicwars and of corporate bodies with Chamber musicthe subdivision Museums, e.g. Christmas musicWorld War, 1939-1945Church musicMuseums; and names of individual Composition (Music)galleries and museums [to be added Computer musicas needed] ConcertsNarrower Term(s):Art museums ConductingMuseums and schools CowhandsSongsWorld War, 1939-1945Dance musicMuseums Electronic musicEnsembles (Music)MuseumsCanada Folk musicDewey: 708.11 HarmonySee Also: names of galleries and museums [to Instrumental musicbe added as needed] Instrumentation andMuseumsOhio orchestrationDewey: 708.171 Islamic musicJazz musicMuseumsUnited States Military musicDewey: 708.13 Music and literatureMusical notationMuseums and schools MusiciansGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Native American musicDewey: 069 Orchestral musicUse For: Schools and museums Organ musicBroader Term(s): Museums Piano musicSchools Popular musicMushrooms Radio and musicDewey: 579.6; 635 Rock musicUse For: Toadstools Sheet musicBroader Term(s): Plants SingingRelated Term(s): Fungi Variations (Music)Violin musicMusic Vocal musicDewey: 780 MusicAcoustics and physicsUse For: Art music; Classical music Dewey: 781.2See Also: music of particular countries or Use For: Acousticsethnic groups, e.g. American Broader Term(s): MusicTheorymusic; Native American music; Physicsetc.; types of music, e.g. Vocal Related Term(s): Soundmusic; and subjects, classes ofpersons, and names of individual MusicAnalysis, appreciationpersons, corporate bodies, places, or Use: MusicHistory and criticismwars, with the subdivision Songs for Music appreciationcollections of songs or materialsabout songs pertaining to the topic MusicAnecdotesor entity named, e.g. CowhandsDewey: 780Songs; SurfingSongs; United Use For: MusicAnecdotes, facetiae, satire,States Military AcademySongs etc.[tobe added as needed] Broader Term(s): AnecdotesBroader Term(s): Humanities MusicAnecdotes, facetiae, satire, etc.Narrower Term(s):African American music Use: MusicAnecdotesAfrican music MusicHumorAmerican musicBlack music MusicCatalogingBluegrass music Use: Cataloging of music660'