b'AccidentsUse For: Educational freedom; Freedom of AcadiansLouisianateaching; Freedom, Academic; Use: CajunsTeaching, Freedom of AcadiensBroader Term(s): Intellectual freedom Use: AcadiansTolerationAccelerated readingAcademic libraries Use: Speed readingGeographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyDewey: 027.7 Access to health careUse For: College and university libraries; Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyCollege libraries; University Dewey: 362.1libraries Use For: Accessibility of health services;Broader Term(s): Libraries Availability of health services;Health services accessibility;Academic majors Medical careAccessUse: College majors Broader Term(s): Medical careAcademy Awards (Motion pictures) Access to the InternetDewey: 791.43 Use: Internet accessUse For: Oscars (Motion pictures)Broader Term(s): Motion pictures Accessibility of health servicesUse: Access to health careAcademy Awards, Canadian (Motion pictures)Use: Genie Awards Accident insuranceGeographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyAcadia Dewey: 368.38Dewey: 971.01 Use For: Insurance, AccidentScope Note: Use for historical materials on Broader Term(s): Casualty insuranceFrances Atlantic possessions in the Narrower Term(s):Workers compensationNew World comprising what is nowNova Scotia, New Brunswick, AccidentsPrince Edward Island, and parts of Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyMaine and Qubec. Dewey: 363.1Related Term(s): Acadians Use For: Emergencies; Injuries; WrecksSee Also: types of accidents, e.g. RailroadAcadian folklore accidents; subjects with theUse: AcadiansFolklore subdivision Accidents, e.g.Acadians Chemical industryAccidents;Dewey: 971.01; 971.6 Nuclear power plants Scope Note: Use for materials on the early Accidents; etc.; and groups andcolonists as well as present-day classes of persons, animals, organsAcadians. of the body, and plants and cropsUse For: Acadiens with the subdivision Wounds andBroader Term(s): French-speaking Canadians injuries, e.g. HorsesWoundsRelated Term(s): Acadia and injuries; FootWounds andinjuries [to be added as needed]AcadiansExpulsion, 1755 Narrower Term(s):Aircraft accidentsDewey: 971.01 ExplosionsUse For: Expulsion of the Acadians FiresBroader Term(s): CanadaHistory1755-1763, Home accidentsSeven Years War Industrial accidentsAcadiansFolklore Poisons and poisoningDewey: 398.09716; 398.2 Railroad accidentsUse For: Acadian folklore; AcadiansShipwrecksLegends; Folklore, Acadian Space vehicle accidentsTraffic accidentsAcadiansLegends Wounds and injuriesUse: AcadiansFolklore Related Term(s): DisastersFirst aid5'