b'Musicians, BlackEnsembles (Music) Musical talentFugue Use: Musical abilityOpera Musical therapyOperetta Use: Music therapyOratorioSonata Musical variationsSuite (Music) Use: Variations (Music)Symphony MusicalsMusical instruction Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyUse: MusicStudy and teaching Dewey: 782.1; 792.6Scope Note: Use for scores and for materialsMusical instruments about musical comedies and revues.Geographic Note: May subdivide geographically Use For: Dramatic music; Musical comedies;Dewey: 784.19 Musical revues, comedies, etc.Use For: Instruments, Musical Broader Term(s): TheaterSee Also: types of instruments, e.g. Related Term(s): Musical filmsPercussion instruments [to be Operettaadded as needed]Narrower Term(s):Bells Musicals (Motion pictures)Drums Use: Musical filmsElectronic musical instruments MusiciansMechanical musical instruments Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyOrgans (Musical instruments) Dewey: 780.92; 920Percussion instruments See Also: types of musicians and names ofStringed instruments individual musicians [to be added asWind instruments needed]Related Term(s): Instrumental music Broader Term(s): MusicInstrumentation and Narrower Term(s):African American musiciansorchestration Black musiciansOrchestra ComposersTuning Conductors (Music)Musical instruments, Electronic Disc jockeysUse: Electronic musical instruments Ensembles (Music)InstrumentalistsMusical instruments, Mechanical SingersUse: Mechanical musical instrumentsMusiciansBiographyMusical meter and rhythm Dewey: 780.92; 920Dewey: 781.2 Broader Term(s): BiographyUse For: MeterBroader Term(s): MusicTheory MusiciansCanadaRhythm Dewey: 780.92; 920Use For: Canadian musiciansMusical notation See Also: types of musicians and names ofGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically individual musicians [to be added asDewey: 780.1 needed]Use For: MusicNotationBroader Term(s): Music MusiciansPortraitsRelated Term(s): Music scores Dewey: 780.92Musical research MusiciansUnited StatesUse: Musicology Dewey: 780.92; 920Use For: American musiciansMusical revues, comedies, etc.Use: Musicals Musicians, BlackUse: Black musiciansMusical scoresUse: Music scores663'